Mazda CX-9 lease a good deal?

I’m looking to purchase a new 2023 Mazda CX-9 and was asking for lease prices in NY state. Found one that is offering a 2k discount from MSRP and according to CarEdge it’s been sitting there since October 2022.

I don’t plan on trading in my beater. I am a virgin to leasing as well.

I included a screenshot of the lease info. Let me know if more information is required. First time poster.

Search Marketplace, some brokers offer CX-9s closer to 10% off MSRP (vs your 4%)

I’ll take a look into that thank you.

Push for a deeper discount. Currently working with a dealer in LA for a friend and getting a bigger discount was easy.

I am heading to the dealer on President’s day and was going to try. They have 5 signatures for 100+ days so I’m assuming they must want to offload the inventory in preparation of CX90.

Any tips and tricks you can recommend me? Thank you.

I would suggest searching the marketplace to see what other dealers/brokers are offering as a discount and go from there. Also, make sure to look on Edmunds for the money factor and any rebates for your area for this specific car. Final tip- don’t go to the dealer until you are ready to sign. Find a dealer who will do your deal, not a dealer that makes you an offer. Good luck!

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@AutoNinjas…the best $5xx (broker fee) you would spend on a Mazda lease in NYC/tristate area.

I know the car market remains unprecedented but $23.3K for a CX-9 seems pretty steep to me.

I used Edmunds forums and received the same MF and residual values. I was planning to negotiate in the dealership, but I understand what you mean. Thanks for the help.

Learn how to use the calculator before hitting dealer…have an idea of what payment range should be from that.

That’s pretty high. I bought a cx9 in November. Interest rate is still 0 02% (MF of 0.00001). Essentially 0%. Check @autoninjas in either Florida or northeast which is who i used. You should be at least $100 cheaper or more PER MONTH with only 1st month due at signing.

NOTE that MF (money factor) might only be valid for 2022 vehicles. I don’t know MF for 2023 vehicles

I’ve asked and searched on an Edmund’s forum about the cx9 and the MF/residual are correct. The only way to get 0.0001 is to lease a 24/10 with 70 percent residual.
Which trim did you lease and what were your terms?

Source: 2023 Mazda CX-9 Lease Deals and Prices - Page 8 — Car Forums at

.00001 is good for all trims. RV is same for 24/12 and 24/10. 70% is Touring. Touring Plus is 68% and it’s 1 or 2% lower for GT, CE, and SIG iirc.

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@RoK gave you some good information.

In November 2022, i got the 2022 CX-9 Grand Touring (GT) at 24/12 with MF 0.00001 and RV = 70%. I’m in Florida.

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Unfortunately, starting in January 2023, GT’s RV has gone done a few ticks (it’s either 66 or 67% atm).

Have you personally used auto ninjas? On their website they claim that they can get a CX-9 sig 36/10 for 500 a month with 3300 das.
I believe their fee is 500 but even then it’ll be a steal for what I’m quoted for.

Not only have I used @AutoNinjas in the past (2020) but I am also currently in the process of picking up a CX-9 T+ thru them, hence familiarity with Mazda pricing.

Can vouch for them, as I mentioned earlier, you are not gonna get anywhere close to the deal they are offering even with the broker fee with tristate Mazda dealers. Believe me, I tried.

Also, even though a shorter term, 24mo may work out to a lesser payment than 36mo.

EDIT: looks like their broker fee special of $99 expires today, strongly suggest locking it up.