Mazda CX-9 Geting out of Edge 7 months early

I’m trying to help my dad out, he’s looking to get out of his Edge and into a CX-9 Grand Touring. I don’t have all the specifics of the residual, etc, but his Edge is currently $470/month and rolling in (dirty words) his $3200 in remaining payments, with $2K total out of pocket he can get the CX-9 for $495. Is that a good deal or should he wait? I’m not sure how the programs on that car usually are.

I forgot to add, this is a NJ lease.

Any particular reason he needs to get out 7 months early and essentially pay for a car he won’t be using. You’re not giving any information so it is impossible at accurately give an answer, but this sounds like an AWFUL deal

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Yup = specifics matter. What are the exact numbers and why get out 7 months early. Most likely this is a bad idea

He will be paying for two cars.

That’s kind of what I figured. I’ll advise him to wait. Thanks all!