Mazda CX-5 Return and new lease

Hey everyone, love the forum and info on it.
I’m in S.Florida, about to return my 2015 CX-5 touring and get a new lease.

I’ve only gotten OK deals on leases before, this one was $305/mo tax incl, zero down, zero driveoff, 12k/y 42months. Not great, I know.

I’m returning it with only 18k miles, residual is at $13741 (55%) so it’s around the KBB value. (great shape)
Could I try to get a credit for the unused miles?

My goal is to negotiate the CX-5 GS for $27,500, 33k m, 10k m/y to end up around $280 payment.
Any tips?



GS is $29,xxx; but is still doable under $280 with tax included. You’ll need ~$2,000 in rebates and 8-10% off msrp to hit your goal.

Keep in mind that GS exist only until 2017 supply lasts. Mazda came down back to 3 trim levels for 2018 model year (2018 Touring is well better equipped though).

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Mazda isn’t going to give you a credit for unused miles. Only BMW does this and it isn’t much of a credit to begin with. See if the dealer will buy it at more than the residual. It’s a popular small suv so maybe Carmax will give you a good price on it.

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You should be able to get $750 from the Loyalty Reward Program and an additional $500, for a total of $1250. I’ve received an email from Mazda Capital Services with this offer. The $500 seems to be targeted, but I doubt I’m that special. :joy:

Autobytel is showing $500 for the Loyalty Reward instead of the $750 mentioned on the email I’ve received. Not sure why.

On the email, it mentions that the offer is valid until 01/31 (my lease ends 02/01).

Good luck!

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Thanks for the replies @BoardWalkNJ @max9019 max9019 @lemurchief
My residual is definitively higher than what Carmax or others want to pay so I guess that’s out if the picture,

I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth it to get one of the remaining GSs or just go for the new Touring. Apparently the new Touring has a better feature lineup this year like @max9019 points out…but ultimately I’m looking for a sub-$300 monthly.

Any advice on how to negotiate a good 8% off MSRP? Dealers always want to steer the conversation to monthly payments.