Mazda CX-5 Lease help

Hey everyone. I received this initial quote from a dealer in Ohio after contacting them through the website, but for the life of me I can’t get these numbers to work in the calculator. I show a payment around $345. Anyone have a clue what could be missing in these calculations? Apparently the destination charge is included in the sales price.

Vehicle is the Grand Touring AWD with Premium package. MSRP is 33,520

Also, for this vehicle, do you think a counteroffer of 30k (11% off MSRP) is acceptable?


That is not a good deal. Which trim is this?

I know it’s not a good deal, it was the initial offer from the dealer. It’s for a grand touring AWD

Well the deal I got was $280 with 9.25% tax with a $280 drive off. That was for a GS not a GT as the GS has a better residuals. It might be that the deal you have represents a good deal given the bad residuals of the GT.

Just received another deal for same vehicle, different dealer. $325 per month no money due at signing. Seems decent. Passes the 1% rule as MSRP is 33,580. Given the 56% residual for 36/12k, this seems like the best I’m likely to find.

What is the residual on the GS @Ed_Churchward?

I think 2 points higher