Mazda CX-5, GT with premium package

My first post. Trying to return my lease with 3 month left, and get into another Mazda. According to Mazda, they will cut me a check for the remaining term lease (pull ahead?) and get me into new one with the car being shipped from AZ at dealer expenses. I’m located in NV, no love for us from brokers, :v:. If someone can look over the deal, go easy on me. I’m still working to remove aftermarket bs, which should bring payment down another $27?


There’s no pull ahead going on here. They have the trade payoff itemized on the list.


$990 is remaining amount, 3 month current lease.

Correct. If it was a pull ahead, there’d be no remaining amount.

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Math doesn’t add up even including the -$990. Either dealer played some dirty games or I suck at math

Only $195 for Nitrofil. Can you buy extra for your other vehicle?

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They’re lending you the $990, you’ll pay it back with interest and tax.

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Thanks, Mazda don’t have pull ahead anymore, they switched to different bank, bummer.

No guru’s willing to take a look.