Mazda CX-5 - Dealer "can't go lower than employee pricing"

I recently leased a CX-9 for the wife in the Northwest (Seattle area) and was so pleased with the car and deal that I’m looking into replacing my old BMW with a '19 CX-5 Grand Touring at 36/10. I’m negotiating with the sales price first, before incentives. During negotiations of the CX-5, one dealer said that he cannot go below employee pricing ($30,580 on a $33,190 MSRP - roughly 7.8% discount according to LH calculator) and that no dealer can go below this figure (he also referenced that it’s the “eplan” number). If they do he said they would risk an “audit” and could lose their incentives from Mazda. Is there any truth to this at all? This is the same dealer that I just leased our CX-9 from last week and they were very transparent and great to work with on that deal.

Are you trying to use an affiliate/employee incentive?

No. I am not trying to use an affiliate or employee incentive. The only incentives I will be using are available lease cash in our region and loyalty.

Try a different dealer, if you’re not happy. You gave them a go out of loyalty.


Don’t think that’s how it works. Why would Mazda (or any manufacturer) care how much the dealership makes or loses on their car sales? Sounds like the sales person doesn’t want to discount any further. If you’re not happy with it, find another sales guy, or just go to another dealer.

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Sounds like BS to me. Thank them for their time and move on.


Check out this deal I just signed yesterday. Certainly better then what they are telling you. 11% including 1,100 in lease cash.

Continue shopping until you find your deal.

Your deal was more of an end of month exception rather than a standard rule. Also keep in mind some regions are far more competitive than others.

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ALN, I am following your pricing for CX-5 Reserve and see that East Coast is better than South California, correct ?

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Replace the word “can’t” with “Won’t”. A dealer can give you the car for free if they wanted to.

Crappy dealer use Costco or Amex car purchasing

That’ll only get you a crappy deal

I am not saying not negotiate, I am saying atleast you get in with dealers willing to work with you. I have had good luck with Amex purchasing just getting to people willing to negotiate.

Gotcha. I find truecar useful for the same thing; weeding out dealers that aren’t willing to negotiate at all. Although with costco at least, unless it’s one of their special arrangements, they’re just using truecar anyway.