Mazda CX-30 Premium

Hey Everyone, so I am trying to get a Mazda deal going and I already know it sucks. So the car I wanted is a CX-30 with Premium Package and this is due to me finding out on the forums at Edmunds that the MF was .00001 and Residual of 60% for 12k miles which I thought was pretty decent. Albeit, the incentives are not that good being at $360 for lease cash and $750 for loyalty. One dealer straight up gave me the discount of invoice of 4.5% off the MSRP and another “willing to beat it”. If anyone has the knowledge on a Mazda, is this a good deal, given the circumstances?

Heres the calculator link:

FWIW - I had a 12% dealer discount (for a purchase) of a CX-30 Select FWD in Northern CA at the end of April negotiated before ultimately going with a different car.

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