Mazda 3 Sedan/Hatch Turbo/Turbo Premium Plus

Looking into leasing ideas on Mazda 3 Sedan/Hatch and Turbo/Turbo premium plus.
Got numbers from Edmunds but quotes I’ve received don’t show MF directly. Would like to post here and ask for advice.

Note: Car that I ideally want is the Mazda 3 Hatch Turbo Premium Plus, but have been asking about other trims due to the really high cost.

I have asked for $0 DAS but they keep showing me sheets with money DAS to cover fees + taxes.

$301.52 payment = Mazda 3 Turbo Sedan (.00050 58%)
$336.76 payment = Mazda 3 Turbo Hatch (.00047 57%)
$361.03 payment = Mazda 3 Sedan Premium Plus (.00001 56%, $240 lease cash)
$376.68 payment = Mazda 3 Hatch Turbo Premium Plus (.00016 57%)

MF and Residuals from Edmunds

You need to find out what MF they are using. That third one, for example, which vehicle is that? Which MF should it be using. It has $10k depreciation and $1450 in taxes and fees. They are asking for all taxes and fees plus first month yet still show $301/mo. If that is, for example, the model with .00001 MF, there is no way there would be $24 in rent charge.

I stated above which monthly payment total equates to which model as they didn’t state it on each sheet.
Is there a way to work backwards to figure out their MF?

Yes, but not with the info you have. Asking the dealer is the fastest/easiest way. If they won’t be transparent, do you really want to do business with them? Move on, there’s plenty of Mazda dealers. And you may want to do more research on LH… GLWT

Ah, OK. Actually, yes, you have plenty. Plug it all into the calculator with the MF you are aware of and see if it works.

Unfortunately, I don’t see these getting better. They simply aren’t leasing well. You could be in a higher class vehicle for similar money.

They keep telling me the turbo premium plus is only a limited production… etc etc that’s why they don’t lease the best because of the demand. I’m not so sure what to believe or if I should be demanding more off selling price. Ideally, I would love to have the fully loaded premium plus hatch AWD at $380-400 with completely $0 DAS. None of the 4 dealers I’ve talked to seem to understand that and this is the best deal by far I’ve got on these 4 vehicles.

Here is the sedan:

So it all adds up. 10.1% discount on a mazda seems really good to me but I haven’t researched them. Lack of incentives and just an OK MF kill it.

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FWIW, Rodo is showing $700 deeper discount in NJ on the premium plus hatch.

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