Mazda 3 lease help!

I currently have a 2016 Mazda 3 S grand touring 36/10 and lease will expire in july. I exceeded my mileage by 21k at the moment and at 51000 currently. I tried returning it at 24months when I have capped my mileage but the dealer told me that It will be better for me to return it when the lease ends instead of paying for the remaining lease payments… exceess mileage fee is at 0.15c /mile which now puts me 3k in debt.

Is there anyway I can waive off the fees?

Find out the lease buyout amount from Mazda, and compare it to the approximate value from Carvana,, Kelly Blue Book, etc. Then you know what it’s worth vs what the payoff is.

How did you do so many miles over the lease limit?

Mazda buyout is at 15000 trade in of 10-11. KBB value at 12-13 trade in of 12.8k

Was used alot d/t change of address and work. I went to the dealership and was under groups of audi/vw/volvo/mazda and based from my understanding was I can waive it off if I buy or lease another from them… but unfortunately, when I went there yesterday, they have told me a different thing and now I’m stuck with over 20k mileage with 5month left on lease and is expecting to go 25-27k.

Check vroom and carvana. Even if you’re off by a couple grande you’ll also avoid the disposition fee (assuming there is one) and any possible wear and tear.

Also did you actual call and get that buy out and confirm it pre tax?

Waive the car off a cliff.


Hurricane season starts May 30.

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You signed a contract that stated you’d pay for these miles. Mazda held up their end of the contract… why do you feel you shouldn’t?

Outside of selling it for your payoff, or slightly less than what the mileage is, you owe the miles.

If you are gonna end up 25k miles over, you will actually owe them $4k (which is entirely reasonable given how much you have used the car). You’d likely be best to just buy it out at $15k and either keep it if it’s in good condition still or sell it for ~$12k (and be out something like $3k vs. $4k).