May Offer - BMW Covering First 2 Months' Payments

Still waiting on May programs to be released, but it looks like BMW leases for loyal customers have just gotten a lot more enticing this month, with BMW covering the first two months’ payments on leases.

Fine Print: Lease Payment credit in the amount of the scheduled monthly payment, up to a maximum of $500 (2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, X1, X2, X3, X4, i3, Z4), $750 (5 Series, X5, X6), or $1,250 (7 Series, 8 Series, i8, X7) per month for 2 months only valid with a new BMW Financial Services lease contract. Customer will receive a credit of up to $500 (2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, X1, X2, X3, X4, i3, Z4), $750 (5 Series, X5, X6), or $1,250 (7 Series, 8 Series, i8, X7) at time of signing, followed by a credit on their account of up to $500 (2 Series, 3 Series, 4 Series, X1, X2, X3, X4, i3, Z4), $750 (5 Series, X5, X6), or $1,250 (7 Series, 8 Series, i8, X7) for the next payment. Payment credit cannot be applied toward capitalized cost reduction or down payment through BMW Financial Services and is not a rebate.

Any brokers or dealers able to chime in with any additional details concerning this program? If it can be combined with the existing Loyalty credit, this is quite the development!


Still waiting on confirmation that this applies to different regions, such as Texas.

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I wonder if you’ll still be able to get the full credit if your current lease payment is below $500 (or $750 or $1250 respectively) a month

Any idea if this is going to apply to M models as well?

account of up to $500

I saw that, which is why I’m wondering if it’s possible to get more :slight_smile:

Guess I’m listing my 5-series this month and picking up an M car :laughing:


Can you also confirm if loaners are eligible?

Not available in Pennsylvania. Of course, wonder what prevents that


The 90 Days to First Payment Program and BMW Loyalty Lease Offer (covering 1st 2 month) seem like they are 2 different programs.

90 days to first payment: New, certified pre-owned vehicle (Expiring June 30th)
loyalty lease offer: Only for a new lease (Delivery before June 1st)


Piggybacking off of kdm1230’s comments below, it does say that the 90 day payment deferral is not available in Pennsylvania - but it does not say that for the lease loyalty credits that apply here


I doubt bro. MB has the same program and they will credit the exact monthly payment amount to your statement.
They did state that this is not a rebate and thus cant be applied towards CCR dealer fees etc. but will be applied as payment credit.

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lol. I checked like 3 times and usually in the past the do mention Exceptions or applicability. But this time i couldn’t find a single caps M anywhere lol

I do see that there was no mention of any M cars.
It wouldn’t make sense tho.
I have contacted my dealer to see if M cars are included.
Will update you guys once I get an answer back.

BMW is going to move some cars this month…

My BMW GM just verified.
I was closing a deal on M5 which will be classified as 5 series so, 750/month x 2.
m2, m4 >>> 2,4 series allowance up to 500/month x 2 months
m5 >>> 5 series allowance up to 750/month x 2 months
m8 >>> 8 series allowance up to 1250/month x 2 months


Anyone know if the incentives/rebates are the same this month on the 440iXdrive GC? Looking to line up a new vehicle in the next few days…

Trying to understand it. So you lease BMW, take delivery by june 1st and they automatically give you a credit on your stmnt equal your pmnt for 2 month in a row?
So if pmnt is $850 they will charge me first since I have auto pay than credit me$ 750(x5)?

why 5 ?
You will not have to pay your 1st payment and you will received a statement for $0 amount due for the next month.
(This was told to me by a BMW dealer)
So examples your drive offs is $1750 at signing out of which $750 is your payment, you will pay only $1000 as drive off. Even though the $1750 will show on contract for calculations.

What about a zero driveoffs style contract?