May 2021 - Lease now.....or wait a year?

In San Jose CA, dealers won’t budge past 3% discount on MSRP and are high on MF and low balling the residual. I would like a new sports car for summer road trips.
Take this Poll (appreciate the responses)

  • lease it now to get the 3% discounts, as inventory will get worse the rest of 2021
  • buy it now while APR is still below 3%
  • Wait until factories catchup which can take 2 years before inventories build up, and stick with my used car

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How about option 4: cast a wider net and if you still can’t get to where you want to be, try again in a few months after seeing how things develop?


I wish I had the time but the opportunity costs are greater spending time working and not hunting down cars all day. lol. Before, I just walk in and get a 10% discount and good MF rate and residuals and be done with it. Plus a free coffee mug.
Maybe I should get a broker to look for cars…

Yes, if you don’t have time for this, get a broker. But heads-up - the deals may also not be what you’re used to.

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Imagine being so fortunate that this is what constitutes a crisis for a person. While there is a literal crisis going on in the world!

OP, I hope you manage to survive your crisis, and do indeed find a fun sports car for summer road trips. Godspeed.


You have a confounding variable and that is the used car you indicate you are driving now. While a lease may be more expensive now than six months ago, your used car is also worth more than it was six months ago.

Does the increase value of used car, if sold, equal out the the increased lease cost?

Keep your current car, or buy a used 911, or both.

What is your current car?

Because knowing that would directionally guide the advice I would proffer.

I personally think people are slightly eating up this panic that now we see in every other post. If you studied car prices on this forum provided by the brokers you’ll see prices elevated some but it is not like we are seeing $300 monthly car go for $900. You can still today, go to a dealership and find a vehicle on a lot and lease it, maybe not a unicorn, 1%, or fart car (demo) but certain brands still can be hacked. Whats the famous saying, “never let a crisis go to waste”?


I agree. I’ve see lost of comments and posts with the same panic. I won’t be surprised if members here are riding bicycles to work in the time being.


Option 5: buy from Carvana gently used above MSRP because it’s no haggle

“When there is blood on the street, buy property” :smiley:

But seriously, there are still deals to be had if you are not fixated on a single car.

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Here’s what i noticed when i went to two dealerships for service this week, the Chevy lot was pretty bare, maybe 28 units instead of 100+, the VW dealer looked pretty stocked. Take it with a grain of salt, if you don’t need a car (or an appliance, those are scarce too), just wait.


There’s still plenty of deals out there if you’re not set on driving a specific car. But something you can get a good discount on right now and then in 2 years get into whatever vehicle you want.

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What kind of Benz are you trying to get?

Who lowballs you on the RV? I doubt the FS can even get it approved

what brand is unwilling to give you discount?

CA. (MAY 2021) Well, I need a new car, as my other lease is due in July. And I just prefer a new car every 3 years.

I might bite the bullet and just pay the extra 15% of leasing payments. What use to be a $500 payment a few months ago, is now $570 for example as inventory is low. The LeaseHackr score goes from an 9 to a 7. Is 7 justifiable to just buy it?

I will be at a loss of $2500 over a 36 month lease with this payment increase. If I slap down that 2500 instead on a purchase, my payment bumps up to $750.