Matching Audi Deal Sheet to Calculator

I got the attached quote for a 2019 Audi A6 and I am trying to replicate it in the leasehackr calculator but I can’t get the numbers to match. Can anyone help?

I know not all the categories match up so I added figures together where I thought made sense.

TBH who cares about the LH calc matching when you’re effectively ~$670 for a 2019 A6?

This is the most god damn straight forward lease sheet I’ve seen in a bit. I’m in love.

I’m within 2 dollars a month, I blame taxes, small discrepancies (in the cents that I can’t see or touch) in RV and other places, and the universe, enjoy.

MSDs are recommended, you’ll still see some capital cost savings, but on that level of investment, you may want to consider not doing them if you have a higher yield method of investment. Just my worthless cents. That MF though EEK.

Get the dealer BS dropped if you can, but seriously, this effective payment on an audi? Not bad.

I would pass on the anti-theft add on and save $700.

Did you verify the incentives and MF at Edmunds?

If the lease cash is $14k then I’d say there’s still room in the deal

Thanks guys,

This is actually a deal I passed on earlier in the month when I found out Audi wouldn’t cover the last two payments on my current lease for the 2019’s. So I’m starting to look again before the month ends and trying to apply the same numbers to other cars since this one is gone.

Yes, the incentives and MF are correct. I think I can still get a better deal now.

You can prob get to about $22k off before the loyalty. It’s 0% for 6 years so you may want to compare to a DAS purchase.

I thought it was 0% APR for 3 years if I finance? Can anyone show me the advantage of financing in this case? Some people were saying it makes more sense than leasing this car. I don’t like the idea of taking on the risk of the value dropping below the RV when I want to sell the car later on. Let alone dealing with the headache of selling it myself.

Roughly, you have about $5100 in rent charge here and $995 in acquisition fees if you go with a lease. Purchasing at 0% wipes that all out, but you’re stuck paying about $2800 in extra taxes. Means purchasing it at 0% and holding it for the same lease period, assuming the RV is accurate, would cost you about $3000 less.

Leasing it is essentially paying $3000 for insurance on the RV. If the actual RV at lease end is >40%, you’d come out ahead financing. If it’s <40%, you’d come out ahead leasing.

Only buy it if you’re going to own it until the day its fair market value is below $20K (maybe even until it’s $15K)

Above certain thresholds it’s just really hard to find private parties with cash

Thanks, it seems like financing might not be worth the risk for the amount I could possibly save, and I love getting a new car every 3 years without any hassle.

Are the tax benefits of leasing the car under my business the same with financing?

On a lease you can essentially write off the entire lease payment/associated expenses. This may be more or less than the depreciation amount that you could write off if you purchased, however, it does have the nice benefit of not having to deal with the equity at the end when you sell it (if you sell it for more than what you claimed to have depreciated it to, you have to claim the difference as income). As always, consult your tax person for specifics.

What makes you think I can get $22K off MSRP plus the $2K loyalty? I know most dealers will do $20K off at this point.

Friend got it in Northern California.