Massive failure at trying to obtain first lease so far

your tax is probaby different out there. i did this based off 7.75% and our high DMV fees.
based on 44215 MSRP 2020 Traverse 3LT leather w/ driver confidence & premium pkg

$0 @ signing
525 incl tax 36/12.
with 2006 & newer non-gm vehicle & educator.

there’s cheaper 3LT leather ~40k just no surround vision camera, bose, safety pkgs etc

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Your approach to negotiating prices isn’t work for you. In person at the dealer is not a good place to have that conversation.

Not sure where you are located by in NY I am currently looking at Cadillac XT6 sport $62k MSRP, supplier & conquest for $533/month. (Taxes & fees paid upfront…$~3k)

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Conquest doesn’t always have to be on a lease. Vehicles you own can apply as well generally.

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Will look Into both traverse and xt6

You could get into a 2019 Highlander for under $450, but not a 2020.


Thank you👍🏻

I couldn’t reply my previous Thread, but we have conceded that a nicer 2 row suv is better for us right now than spinning our wheels on a 3 row that might be unobtainable right now. So what should we consider in the 450 a month range or lower?

Grand Cherokee?

What about a Discovery Sport? Has a tiny 3rd row for when you need it. Luxury car and leases are reasonable.

Durango GT or even a R/T may be had at that price right now. If your looking for 3 row it’s the best in that range next to an ascent or highlander.


We did this deal in July 2019… here’s what i posted back then:

Hello Mikey, My daughter just signed a lease (at a VW dealer) for 2019 Atlas V6 SE 4Motion with Tech package. I can’t give you all of the little details, just a summary of the “main points” of her deal.

  1. we are in MASS
  2. 36 month lease
  3. $263 per month plus sales tax
  4. $4,000 down (the $4,000 down included ALL COSTS, including vehicle registration fees and the first month’s lease payment.) Essentially, she gave them a check for $4k and drove the car away.

I have highlander xle and 4runmer sr5 prem both with leather and 3rd row under $500 all in including shipping

Fun factor get a R/T it’s a minivan for guys. Ascent is the safest and if you need AWD they can’t be beat. Highlander is nice but like all Toyota’s the wow factor on the gas pedal and interior is just ok.

I would have rolled everything in and paid the 384/mo.

try using a broker few good ones on here, such as @autopia

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Another 2-row/3-row cusp vehicle is the Tiguan. You should easily be able to achieve $250-$300.

Unfortunately my wife hates the Durango. She’s not making this lease decision easy.

She drove it? Or just hates the styling. Outside of R/T and SRT every time I see a Durango a woman is in the drivers seat.

the styling. she’s a weird one. she really liked the cherokee. idk. im about ready to give up

Durango for 460 a month with everything rolled in could be done in NY. 45k and change msrp.