Maserati Levante - FL

Does anyone have any input on base Maserati Levante leases? What kind of discount should I push? I noticed already no dealers seem to want to provide quotes over the phone and prefer in person, I suppose to see seriousness. Also, will they give a good deal on a 2021 or will they try to push out the 2020s first?

I would ideally like 650 a month with 4k at signing on 36/12, 39/12, or 42/12. Anyone have experience and know if it’s possible?

You know a brand is not to lease when not a single car in their lineup has a residual starting with a 5 for any lease term they offer.

If you’re dead set on a Levante and assuming a base 2020 with no options (80k MSRP), you’d need at least 25% off MSRP to get to your payment target (don’t put money down, read leasing 101).

On the side a friend asked me a few months ago about the Levante GTS and we found out the residual was in the mid-30s. A money launderer’s paradise.


I literally spit out my coffee!


Yeah,how does that work? Laundering money by spending it? Get a rolls rpyce next.

You should be able to get your deal with ease. I would even recommend NOT putting down any money. Negotiate the monthly payment and also get the maintenance packaged included. I have 4 months left on my SQ4 levante $699 payment ($95k msrp) 15k miles, maintenance package, I did put down $2500. But this was 3 years ago. The deals on maserati’s only gotten better

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OP - you may want to go to the Edmunds forum and get the MF/RV for what you’re looking for first. Haven’t seen any Maserati’s come thru LH in awhile, so you’ll need to do quite a bit of legwork on this. Good luck!

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I leased a Maserati Levante 3 years ago and we are going to return it next month. Back then we got a pretty decent deal on one.
It had an MSPR of 89k and the selling price was 79k.
The lease was for 770 a month with 5k down.
The model had been sitting on the dealer lot for a year basically so I think they were highly motivated to sell it. It was a 2017 model that we got in January 2018.
The dealership we got the deal from sadly went out of business due to there being no demand in my area.


It’s a great car and I absolutely love the engine note with the sport exhaust but I’ll be honest after 3 years the transmission is horrid. It jerks at lower gears and struggles to find the correct gear at lower speeds.
Also if you haven’t seen the car yet in person. The cargo space is not idea for a family of 4 and lol the gas mileage is worse than the EPA estimates.
If you’re like me and drive it in sport mode most of the time you’re looking at 12 MPG in the city at the most and 16-18 on the highway.
But I have no regrets. It’s a super fun car if you look past some of it’s downfalls.

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Did u get the previous model year? like a 2017 when the 2018 was out? i’m curious if a deal like yours can be achieved on the 2021

based on my research, maserati is obsessed with sales numbers and so they give massive discounts i believe, so that’s what i’m banking on here

Yes it was a 2017 in early 2018.

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Send out an email with your terms to 10-15 dealers. The ones that respond will gauge the deal you want.

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I would agree. Lacks power and transmission is not smooth in the first few gears I would recommend the V8 version that is now available, assuming tranny is improved.

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