Maserati Ghibli SQ4 SoCal

Hi all… I have been leasing vehicles for around 6 years since I have been temporarily living in US (UK native)… however I would not say particularly successfully. My deals have been “OK”.

I am now somewhat more perm in US and looking to get the Ghibli as a “fun” drive, for when driving the regular daily SUV commute becomes a little too mundane.

I live SoCal. Any likelihood of getting an SQ4 for less than $700 p/m on a 36m lease?

Thanks for input and advice.

I would go the broker section on this forum and contact one of them. Tell them what exactly you are looking for and they can provide you the information.

With some money down sure you can get an sq4 at $700 , I don’t think that’s gonna be to easy right now being it’s the start of the year maybe wait a bit longer for them to put some stupid money on the hood of the ghibli again, or get a 3 year old one for 40k and get to keep it

Lowest model I’d go is a '16. Most of the kinks from the 14 (intro model) and 15 have been worked out by then. Also note they’re planning a Ghibli/Qporte refresh in a few years; they brought in an older head of Maserati and hired a top guy from Ferrari for a turnaround.