Maserati Ghibli looking for residual values and MF

I’m looking at leasing a 2015 Ghibli Q4s, 36 or 39 month, 15k/yr miles in DC MD VA area.

2016 Ghibli S Q4 (36/15K): 48% residual, .00013 MF

2015 Ghibli S Q4 (36/15K): 40% residual, .00208 MF

The 2016 is way better to lease.

Thank you. I won’t be pursuing the 2015. Even with $20k off of msrp it’s still a hefty payment.

The best dealer ads seem to come from this dealer in Anaheim Hills, CA:

$612/mo + tax on 2016 Ghibli, 0 down + drive-offs, 36/10K
$549/mo + tax on 2016 Ghibli S, 0 down + drive-offs, 36/5K

I think for a High End car like the Maserati its best to look for a lease swap.

I just completed my leaseswap through Leasetrader for the Maserati Ghibli. The previous owner put down $2000 plus an additional $3000 for drive off fees. Plus its common for people for lease transfer to give you incentives. He threw in an additional $4000 to lower the monthly and paid for the lease transfer fee.

I now have a car that has 18k miles remaining on a 15 month lease and I am paying only $590 before tax . I literally saved 9k on this car. Benefits of lease swaping.

I recommend you check leasetrader, i think there are 2 like this left. Saves you on drive off, taxes, fees and you dont need to be bond by 36+ months.

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