Maserati + Chase deal?

I don’t believe this deal is location-specific.

Does anybody know what their cheapest offerings or best deals going are?

What part are you excited about? Them making your first payment? That isn’t going to help a Maser deal be a good deal by any stretch of the imagination. One payment out of 36 is a whopping 2.78% savings.


Maserati. A brand with three cars I don’t like and can’t stand, and one car I love.


It’s first two lease payments, not one…,not that it makes it an amazing deal or anything but just pointing it out


I think Chase has done this with Maserati before. Don’t think we’re going to see the $400/mo Ghibli again, and don’t want to imagine what they’re going for in this current environment.

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Ghibli could be had at $400/mo (at one point)? How did I miss that party. :thinking:

Nice enough cars, but the interior needs work IMO. There is too strong of a Chrysler taste.

My friend has a Maserati, what a piece of garbage. At over 1k monthly I rather do loan term 84 loan on Ferrari FF and barely lose money.

Maserati has never really been a shining star in terms of reliability. I wouldn’t wager that Ferrari is leaps and bounds better either, but I have much more love for the brand… and certainly more reliable than McLaren LOL.

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