Maryland Deals? Are They Truly Possible?

Recently a lot of my friends have been leasing cars (in other states) and getting absolute deals. Since I’m in the market for a new car, I’ve started looking into leasing.

Unfortunately living in Maryland (Baltimore specifically) - means that I have to pay sales tax based on the purchase price of the car - instead of the total payment amount.

Any advice how I can still manage to find a good deal in this environment? On a recent dealer trip a Tiguan (MSRP $33,690, Negotiated $31,200 - 36/15k RV 59% MF 0.00165 - $0 down) would’ve had me out the door at around $506 / Month (maybe $472 if I negotiated the money factor).

Any advice for finding lease deals in Maryland? I don’t want to put anything down - it seems like I’m going to need to really negotiate price hard (which this dealer refused to do since it was ‘below invoice’)


Not sure about VW, but a good amount of the recent BMW leasehackr deals have been at either passport bmw or silver spring bmw

Great to know! Maybe I’ll qualify for some loyalty cash (current car is a BMW).

Not 100% stuck on one brand - the new Tiguan caught my eye as maybe a chance to get back into an SUV.

Im not sure how Maryland works but Texas is thensame where we pay taxes on the sale price, and here in Texas theres sometimes lease incentives idk over there though, maybe there is

I would say MD is a great state for shopping for vehicles if you are registering it in another state. It doesn’t help the OP though. Doc fee is capped at 300 (half what is typical in VA and NC) and the insane tax rate may make them more flexible on price.

I’m in Virginia and we have the same rules just a somewhat lower tax rate. Sort of changes the game. First, 24 month leases are almost never going to be a good deal. To make the numbers works you usually need to spread out the property taxes over 36 or 39 months. It also makes it hard to get a great deal on expensive cars. Doesn’t matter how low the X5 lease payments are pretax, paying taxes on a 45k car at 6% (MD rate) means you are paying an extra 75 bucks a month over 36 months.

Not sure what lolpro was trying to say, might be a language barrier. But others have talked about promos where dealership say they will pay tax for you. Ignore those ads. MD is getting its cut of every car, if a dealership is paying the tax for you that is really just a discount on the MSRP. Nothing special.

Finally, no ways to avoid big upfront payment since the full tax is due at signing. Can of course negotiate no down payment beyond TTL.

Isn’t this the case in NJ as well? I’ve gotten some pretty great deals here. I’m sure it’s possible in your area too.

NJ only taxes the monthly payment. Deals are definitely possibly in Maryland, but not as easy as NJ or CA

Definitely a game changer - will probably end up just paying tax/titles/plates up front… I’d roll it into the monthly, but it’s not financially prudent to pay the money factor on that especially at 4% APR.

Learn something new everyday here. Didn’t think it was possible to spread tax over course of lease. The Acura dealership I leased from said it wasn’t possible but I guess I just didn’t push hard enough. Not a great idea at 4% apr but if leasing Infiniti or Nissan with super low rates might make sense.

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I live in VA as well and leased a Volvo recently. I rolled everything into the payment and the only thing I paid “Down” was the first month’s payment.

Having said that, taxes really screw us out of certain deals =/