Maryland- 2018 BMW 330i Xdrive Loaner - Thoughts?



In maryland, so tax is paid on the full price. Does this hold me back from ever getting a good deal? When I have to either roll in or pay upfront around 2k.
The sale price was 34k on the website but salesman advised that was only the finance price. Residual 65%.

mileage is incorrect. should say 12k.
I know these are horrible deals but looking for some advice on how to make them better.


Should be pushing for a 20% plus discount, this is an outgoing model and it’s replacement is only a couple months away. Shop other dealers.


What joeblogs said but I cannot even figure out their math. Are the listing the sale price of $38k after applying the $2,500 lease incentive? Otherwise the payment should be around $350 before tax if it’s $38k-2.5k with a $29k residual.

I also thought lease cash for 3-series was $3,500 this month per Dave. Could be less due to the region and/or since it’s a loaner.

People are getting 3-series loaner easily discounted at 20% so that should be your target. May need to shop around especially since it’s the beginning of the month and year.

Tax situation is what it is. Interesting your stuck before a rock and hard place since extending the lease to 36 months gives you more use of the taxes paid but then would reintroduce the acquisition fee which essentially wash each other out. Did you inquire about MSD to save you another $20-$30/month?


MSD I thought was for only people with a bmw in the household?

Yeah if they gave me the 34k sale price the calculator showed a 226 payment and I would just have to pay the tax up front or roll it in. Shooting for that I think would get me into a great deal

Yeah and the 36month lower the residual to I believe 60%


Yeah I will. Is it common for dealers not to honor the sale price online for a loaner lease? And say thays only the finance price


Depends on the dealer, the legit ones will break down the incentives on their web price, some play games. I’ve got both in my area. Msd’s for everyone


60% RV for 36 month isn’t bad as you are just paying under $2k of depreciation for the extra 12 months. Do you know the money factor? An interest rate of 2.3% doesn’t seem to be right.

Some dealers play games; more common with small used car lots as it the price requires you to use their financing which can be 10%+ interest. what did the fine print say? There can be different dealer incentives from BMW selling vs. leasing so there may be a legitimate reason why.

BTW - when we say 20% off, that would be before any factory incentives.


Yeah it was .00188 mf. And I told him to waive acq fee for the .0005 markup. I was confused too why it said 2.3 and not .00238

20% off the msrp correct? And I will have to check the fine print to see if it states about pricing for buying vs lease


Yup, 20% off MSRP.

Now I got the right calculations. It is .00238 and the selling price includes the $2,500 lease cash so they are really discounting the car only about 12%.

Passport BMW? I found it by the stock number. I don’t see any specific language that excludes leasing and doesn’t appear to include any special incentives like loyalty or college grad. You would need to add the destination fee back in ($995) as they pulled it out.

Call their internet department tomorrow and ask about leasing that car and see what they say the price is.

Also double check available lease cash this month by calling a few dealers but specifically ask about loaners as they can vary. I thought it was $3,500 for any 3-series. Since it’s not their money they are usually pretty transparent.


Yeah passport. Yeah the online price of 34k puts me over the 20% off so that’s where I need to be i think. I will call tomorrow. And the spreadsheet bmwdave posted shows 3500 also so I need to get that looked at


I think it’s $1000 less for loaners, like last month


They include every finance incentive and exclude freight. So there was $3,500 finance cash + others. It’s actually spelled out there last time I checked.


Ah so that’s why it went back up to 38 cause I can’t use the 3500 finance cash


Yeah not getting any better. Will have to keep looking. But I feel I’m doing something wrong if these numbers are so far apart.


I’m almost able to match their updated quote in the calculator and it’s not bad (see below). They are giving you 20% off then applying the $2,500 lease cash. Taxes are what’s killing the deal as it’s essentially an extra $100/month. If you lived in a different state with a similar tax rate you are paying around $30/month. You can drop the price about $22/month more with max 7 MSD which would be $2,800.

If you have patience and start calling around I bet you can do slightly better, but again a couple of % points higher on the discount won’t change your payment significantly.


that example on the calulator shows paying taxes on the drive off. so its still 395 a month or am i missing something?


In their quote you are paying $3,440 DAS so it’s roughly equivalent to what is shown in the calculator including taxes paid upfront. You can obviously reduce the DAS and roll it into the payment as most would suggest, but that would add upwards of $130/month more to your monthly amount.

Up to to how you want to structure it, but in the end it’s the base MF, residual is right, and they are giving you 20% off MSRP before rebates, so a good deal.


Can I guess the dealer? BMW of Rockville?


With Maryland BMW dealers, they do not usually honor their online prices for a lease. They will start with this “Are you USAA?”, “Do you own a BMW?”, etc…So hard to deal with. Makes me think they do not even care to sell cars. Other brands seem to be much more aggressive with pricing.


It depends on the dealer, the one I got my car from was surprising straight with their web pricing. They broke down any rebates/incentives that applied. These things are only going to get cheaper, shoot for at least 25% off.