Manufacturer's Deals vs. Negotiating for a Leasing Noob

Hi guys,

Forgive me but I’m brand new to this site and leasing in general. I’m basically asking if the leasing deals on manufacturer’s websites are indeed the best deal you can get. I’m based in Los Angeles btw.

On, there is currently a deal for $179 a month (before all the taxes and fees, etc.) with $2,199 DAS for a 2018 Honda Civic. I pretty much took this exact deal for my current 2016 Civic back in July 2016 which ended up being $244 a month landed (I honestly don’t remember how much I did as a down payment). But now I come to this website and I see people getting Honda Claritys for not much more than I’m paying. So my question is, is it better just to take the manufacturer’s deal or is negotiating better? I’d obviously like to get a better car if I’m not going to be paying much more for it. Forgive me for how basic this question is. Thanks for your help.

Look at any deal here and then look at the equivalent manufacturer “offer” and you will know the answer.