Manufacture Lease Programs on 2017 cars

So I’ve been hearing a lot that manufacturers aren’t having lease programs at the end of February for leftover 17’ models. Does that simply mean that come March 1st, 2017 vehicles will be available for purchase only and no more lease?

Cadillac was doing purchase only on the 2017s this month.

Many, if not all, lease programs that still remain for the 2017s will be gone by the end of Feb. 2017 will be purchase only, and leases will be strictly 2018.

I’m hoping 2017 Bolts will still be available, and subsidized in March for than the $1100 they offer now.

Here, there are still some sitting around. I’m in Florida, so I’m not getting the crazy good deals.

I thought 2017 Bolts already can’t be leased anymore beginning of this month?

Bolts are still ok, but only 36 months

Anyone know when Mercedes-Benz ends their manufacture lease programs for the 2017 models…

If you’re looking to jump, I wouldn’t roll the dice and wait till March.

February is a good time to buy as well since your lease will end on a 24 or 36 month term in February (last payment in January), which sets you up nice for doing a year end deal in December (pull-ahead) or otherwise.

Toyota is still running leases on the 2017 models.

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