Malibu (Best Case Scenario) Advice Needed

I read through the Epic Leftovers, Part 3: Lease The Lame Duck Chevy Malibu For $88/Month, $0 Down ($46/Month If You Have A Volt) and was looking to get some help on how to best go about this with the dealer. I may stop in on Saturday.

The wife and I have 07 Volvo S60 (120,000 miles) and a 10 Mazda 6 (65,000 miles), the brand new Chevy Malibu looks really good from our perspective and we are hoping to get the best price. We have great credit, money enough for all up-front fees and really just want to make this the cheapest option available.

TrueCar has the price of an LT around $21,000 +/- $200. This includes incentives that are mentioned in the post of around $4400. We will not put down any money of course but can pay the Acquisition Fee and Money Factor up front.

  1. What is the Money Factor and is it beneficial to pay upfront?
  2. I don’t play this game often, do I just go into the dealership and give it to them straight? Or, do I go in and haggle/bullshit with them to get the price down?
  3. Mention leasing right away or hint at purchasing?

Anything else you think will help is greatly appreciated. I am hoping to do this soon.


Hi Andrew!

  1. Money Factor (MF) is the interest rate, but expressed in a different way for a lease. Multiply the MF by 2400 to get the interest rate. For example, a MF of .00040 is equivalent to 0.96% APR.

    A lease payment is comprised of 1) depreciation expense and 2) finance charge. A low MF will result in a low finance charge.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the numbers. Understand what leasing is and how the math works.

  3. The TrueCar route should work just fine. Email the participating dealer: “Hi there, I’m interested in leasing this car. Could you please provide a quote for a 24 month, xx,000 mi/year lease using the same selling price of $xx,xxx? Would prefer $0 down; just drive-offs (first month, acquisition fee, DMV, etc.) at signing. Thanks!”

We’d be happy to review the quote before you set foot into the dealership. Best of luck!



Thanks for the help. I have the following information, sorry it’s sloppy but this is exactly how it was sent to me via email.

CN-FI WAQ Quote Worksheet - Lease mittans 3704
Quote No.: 154988 16) AfterMarket (W):

  1. Contract Date: 12/15/15 17) Capped Fees (W): $ 1,206.20
  2. Lease Institution: GMF-L 18) Total Taxes (W): $ 699.11
  3. Buyer Residence (W): Adjusted Cap Cost: $ 20,223.88
  4. Stock Number: CV1887
  5. M.S.R.P.: $ 26,225.00 19) Security Deposit:
  6. Mile Penalty (W): 20) Upfront Fees (W):
  7. L.E.V. Rt/Amt: 63.00%$ 16,521.75
  8. Term: 24 21) Amount Due At Start: $ 1,903.00
  9. Money Fact Sell Rate: 0.00040 22) Cash Collected: $ 1,903.00
    23) CASH SHORTAGE (W):
  10. Selling Price: $ 24,100.00
  11. Rebate: $ 3,750.00 24) Next Payment Date: 01/14/16
  12. Trade Allow (W): Base Monthly Rental: $ 168.96
  13. Cash Cap Reduction: $ 1,332.32
    Total Cap Reduction: $ 5,082.32 25) >>P A Y M E N T<<: $ 181.89
  14. Service Contract:
  15. Maint Plan (W): 26) One Pay(Y/N)/Amt: N
    Command (?): Open P.O.s

Tried to clean it up a bit, hopefully I didn’t loose any information.

  1. Contract Date: 12/15/15
  2. Lease Institution: GMF-L
  3. Buyer Residence (W) Adjusted Cap Cost: $ 20,223.88
  4. Stock Number: CV1887
  5. M.S.R.P.: $26,225.00
  6. Mile Penalty (W):
  7. L.E.V. Rt/Amt: 63.00%$ 16,521.75
  8. Term: 24
  9. Money Fact Sell Rate: 0.00040
  10. Selling Price: $24,100.00
  11. Rebate: $3,750.00
  12. Trade Allow (W):
  13. Cash Cap Reduction: $ 1,332.32
  14. Total Cap Reduction: $5,082.32
  15. Service Contract:
  16. Maintenance Plan (W):
  17. Aftermarket (W):
  18. Capped Fees (W): $1,206.20
  19. Total Taxes (W): $699.11
  20. Security Deposit:
  21. Upfront Fees (W):
  22. Amount Due at Start: $1,903.00
  23. Cash Collected: $1,903.00
  24. Cash Shortage (W):
    a. Next Payment Date:01/14/16
  25. Base Monthly Rental: $168.96
  26. P A Y M E N T: $181.89
  27. One Pay(Y/N)/Amt: N

Just sent you a PM. There’s a $1,000 Private Offer I can register you for.

  • Michael

Hi Andrew,

I plugged in those numbers and got the same drive-off ($1,903) and monthly payment amounts ($181.89).

The quote differs from the one in the article because:

  1. MSRP: Looks like your Malibu is better equipped ($26,225 vs. $24,660).

  2. Incentives: The $575 incremental bonus cash is not available in your region. You do not qualify for $1,500 lease conquest, but you do have a $1,000 private offer. Total incentives in the article is $5,825, whereas your total is $4,750 including the private offer.

  3. Fees: Of the $1,206.20 in capped fees, $595 goes to GM Financial acquisition fee, while the remaining $611.20 covers license/registration/doc fees. In the article, I assumed a total of $328 in license/registration/doc fees.

You can try negotiating a lower selling price, picking a Malibu with a lower MSRP, and/or opting for the MF rate markup (+.00055) in lieu of the acquisition fee.

If you can get the dealer to knock another $500 off the selling price, apply the private offer, and opt for the MF markup, you’ll get to ~$107/mo with the same drive-off amount.


Sorry, newbie here. But could I bother you to point me in the direction of the $1k “private offer”? I am very interested in this deal (or the Cruze), but unfortunately do not have a current lease for the $1.5k discount. Thanks!

I thought I would ask advice on whether you think I can get this lower. Here is what I was quoted today. Is this about as low as it will get?

MSRP $26,085
- $2750 Rebate
- $1700 Discount
- $1500 Comp Lesee Rebate
- $1000 Bonus Tag

Total due at signing is $851.00 ($623 tax + $128 payment according to them, but that is $100 off.)
Lease Term: 24 months
Payment $128 per month including taxes
This is in Nevada.

I asked for all of the other numbers including gross and net cap, acquisition and money factor, but he said finance would go over that. I have received plenty of lease quotes and have never had an issue getting them to tell me those numbers, so I am a little suspicious.

Thanks in advance!

Try browsing the website. After a few minutes of clicking, a private offer might pop up. I’ve had success using Chrome (not in Incognito Mode).

Best of luck!

Looks pretty good to me! When I plugged in those numbers into the calculator, I actually got a higher payment (I assumed an 8% sales tax rate). Just be prepared to leave the dealer if the final amounts differ.

Hi Michael, I was looking for the $1,000 Private Offer, as well. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to send PMs either. Can you please send me a PM so you can register me for the offer?

Leasing is an interesting process. I have been on the phone with three dealers jumping around pricing. All are trying to work and get the lowest price, but they are very hesitant to get down close to that $100/month price. Thanks so much for the help.

Hi Matthew,

The private offer I had yesterday has since expired. Try browsing the Chevrolet website for a couple of minutes!

Anyone have luck getting the private offer recently?

Here in Detroit the Malibu’s are leasing extremely well. With GM employee discount and conquest they are at $79/mo 24mo/10k year. I’ve leased 4 of them in the week for family members. The best deal I’ve seen is the LT with convenient pkg and sunroof for $112/mo 24mo 10k/yr miles and $400 due at signing for the start ups.

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Hi everybody, I am looking to get this deal here in Orange County. I managed to get the private offer coupon after hours spent clicking around the chevrolet website. I went on and after navigating the chevrolet section for a while the coupon came up.

I am going to show up at my local dealer tomorrow, could you guys please help me summarize the discounts I’ll be looking for in my area ? (besides a low MSRP)

  1. 1000 $ private offer
  2. bonus tag?
  3. what else?

Thank you very much!!!

Yes try clicking around the chevy section on, I was looking at the Volt and it popped up.

Can I please get what offers that I am eligible for in New York? I also have the $1000 private offer. To get that I followed the advice on this forum; I turned off my pop up blocker and then did some Chevy research on Thanks in advance!

I was also able to get a $1000 private offer ($500 for cruze). Based on the fact that I live in Texas and there is a 6.5% tax assessed on the sales price, what payment can I realistically aim for on a Malibu or Cruze?

So I was able to get the dealer down to $140 a month including the MF rate markup. However, my friend was down to around $118 in FL and leased a Malibu LT. So I brought that into the dealer and they couldn’t do anything similar they just stuck with $143/month. Hopefully, there will be something similar again.