Making the First Move

I’ve reached out to a few dealers on a lease asking for their best offer.
Most have come back asking what offers I already have from other area dealers, and they will beat it.
So far the few offers I have received have been terrible and are easy to beat.
So how do I get the dealer to make the first move and give me a legitimate offer from them, and not just a competitive offer?

Or do I tell them what I want to spend?

They won’t ever give you a good offer without pushing. Otherwise it’d be easy for anyone to get a good deal. You have to push for a percentage discount off the MSRP, figure out the incentives and rebates you qualify for, understand the MF and RV for the term you’d like, and then do what you have to do to get those numbers from a dealer willing to play ball.

Asking for their “best offer” is the same strategy 99% of consumers use when buying a car.


Asked and answered many times. Search the forum for “How to negotiate” and similar search terms.

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