Making numbers match with dealer on GMC Sierra 1500?

These are the numbers I was given:
$65,260.00 MSRP
$58,129.00 Sale Price
+$398.50 Dealer Fee
+$1,536.35 Tax
+$16.50 Title Fee
=$60,080.35 Total Price

I found the MF and RV on Edmunds that is .00045 and 68%.
The sales person is quoting me $669.93 plus tax but I’m not getting anywhere near that. I attached the calculator.

Get a detailed lease worksheet from the dealer.

You need to know what the dealer is charging for mf. You can’t just assume they’re giving you buy rate.

Thanks. I’m new and still trying to figure this out.

This is what they sent me. Looks like the residual changed

When you got the RV/MF/incentives from Edmunds, did you ask them about your zip code and get a current answer or did you just look through old posts and find where someone else asked?

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I asked with my zip code and got the answer yesterday.

And you asked for a 36/12 on that specific trim level? Did Edmunds say anything about incentives?

Going from 68% to 62% suggests they may be using a different bank. Did the dealer tell you what MF they’re using?

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Yes I did. No Edmunds didn’t but I forgot to ask. The dealer didn’t give me the mf. The sales person wasn’t knowledgeable about it.

You’ll definitely want to find out about incentives from edmunds as well as mf and what bank the dealer is using if you want to evaluate this deal.

Thanks. I’ll see what I can find out

They are using GM financial.

I see your post over there. The .00045 MF and 68% residual they gave you was for the 24/12.

.00061 MF and 62% residual is what you want for 36/12.

Ok gotcha. Looks like that gets me to $611 pretax with zero drive off. I’m waiting on Edmunds now for incentives

Deal looks way better at 24/12. Definitely follow up on the incentives.

Calculator spits out almost $100 per month higher on 24 months

I’d be willing to bet they’re marking up the mf a decent amount.

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Any way to get them to lower it?

First step is figuring out what they’re actually charging. Then, you either negotiate down a lower mf, negotiate a bigger discount to account for the marked up mf, or walk away when they don’t want to come down further on the price.

Oh I see, he plugged in the calculator with RV/MF from 24 months but put 36/12k.