Making Leasehackr Easier to Navigate: Onboarding Video

As our resource and community constantly grow and diversify, we have continuously been brainstorming new ways to make our wealth of knowledge more accessible to everyone, regardless of their skill levels.

You may have noticed that lately we have been re-categorizing our specialized topics into new sub-categories and tags, giving more structure to deal data shared on the forum through SIGNED!, and adding a footer on the forum to provide an overview of our myriad of resource. To continue our effort to make Leasehackr easier to navigate, we are launching an onboarding video today to educate new users on how to leverage our resource and contribute productively “the Leasehackr way”.

Because more likely or not, you are reading this as an experienced member, here is a short version for your pure entertainment (click to see it on TikTok). Hope you will enjoy it. :innocent:


With these incremental changes, we hope to continue to build with you a strong community centered around our passion for deals, cars, and fun!

P.S. @mllcb42 Can we add the onboarding video to our template new user instruction response? :grin:


Always love the vids! Couple quickie suggestions: 1) Music bed is annoying, would search for something more unique sans ukulele and clapping. 2) Vox audio is all on left channel, should be stereo to be more engaging. Well done!

Good plan. I’ll update the robot, aka my clipboard.

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Will there be a section for my “rules of thumb?” :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the way
Star Wars Reaction GIF by Disney+

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@alphawave7 Thanks for the feedback. Not a video expert here but will watch out for the things you mentioned next time. What I really struggled with is exporting the video without glitch. I tried many solutions found on the internet except for upgrading my computer. :sweat_smile:

@vhooloo We had that as our one of our points in our KTLA interview 5 years ago. The “rule” has become too contentious; @michael would not let me put the video up anymore.