Make an offer... below dealer invoice?

So if you make an offer below dealer invoice (as reported on Edmunds)

won’t the dealer just say “that’s below my cost!”

I am planning to make an offer on a Genesis G80 Sport in two months.

A hackr suggested I could get $11,00 off the MSRP of $56,000

That’s the deal he got that on an older model… so that’s 20% off

Even if I got it for 15% off, that’s 10% below what Edmunds reports as the Invoice

Invoice is no where near dealer cost…


Oh cool. Thank you. I didn’t know that.

so MSRP, Invoice and Dealer Cost are three different things eh?

If you can get $11k off MSRP on a 2018 G80 Sport, let me know…Those have been borderline impossible to get good deals on, because they sell quickly and inventory is limited on dealer lots.

Curious to see how this goes.

I’m in Texas. There are one or two inventory that seem to be sitting there. I will wait until later in the year. Maybe even August, hopefully '19s are announced by then…

Guess I will need a plan B, any suggestions?

Something with a nice sound system, lol.

Volvo S90 with B&W sound system

Yeah the local Volvo dealership is terrible :frowning:

I’m in Houston and a few of my local dealers are garbage, but don’t write off a brand because your local dealer is crap. Use them to test drive and get the best quote you can and then start emailing the dealers further away. You’ve got loads of choice if you look at San Antonio, Houston and DFW.

The deals on the S90 at the moment are way too good to ignore.

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Different for every make, some manufacturers pack money into certain cars so dealerships can sell them. or create a bonus structure “Sell 50 of these cars this month and we will give you $1,000 per car” that’s why finding out what their real cost is, is so difficult.

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Exactly, or secret certificates that can be applied to whatever car they want

Deals on S90 were too good to ignore until 3 days ago.:sweat_smile:

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The deals on the S90 at the moment are horrible. The deals on the S90 last month were too good to ignore.

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We both seem to be in a time warp, @cheapdad00 already said :wink:

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