Maintenance Question for Lease

Hey fellow Hackrs!
My car (2018 340i) is coming up on 1yr from my original lease date (next month) and the service reminder is showing that it needs a service this month or at 8,000 miles.

I currently have a bit over 5,000 miles on the car but due to the recent events am not sure if I should be bringing it in for service (if they even offer it).
Would there be some penalty on my lease turn-in for not doing the service in March that the car is recommended and waiting for the 8,000mi mark or waiting until things settle down more?

Just want to cover my bases, thanks for any input and anyone who has gone through a similar scenario.

You do 1 year service no matter how many miles you have. I’m doing it also on my Volvo. You can wait but why?


If you don’t do it within a certain timeframe after the car starts yelling at you, BMW will charge you for the service. My SA told me what the time/mileage was, but I can’t recall off hand.

I suggest calling your local service dept and asking them.

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I believe car repairs was designated as an essential service in California, so dealers may be open.

service is required on annual basis, even if you drove only 1k miles in the year. It’s free-included, so why not? CA services are opened.

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Do you really need to ask? Because he wants to limit his interaction with people. Good luck with that service advisor driving your car and potentially infecting it.

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No one will pay attention or really care at turning in. Some people even reset the indicator without every performing the service. You can wait a month or more, I highly doubt it will be an issue.

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Yeah, I do. Because it may not get better for another 3 months and his service is due in March. We didn’t hit the peak yet, that’s why.


Then he will wait 3 months. Honestly has anyone ever had an issue with being asked about service when returning a car.

Dunno, but @mp11477 may.

My dealer does free service pick up/drop off, so I scheduled. Also, state inspection needs renewal at 1 year, at least for me.

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They may cut him a break due to the stay home orders. That said, I wouldn’t run the risk of skipping it or resetting it without doing anything. They scan the key when you do take it in, and can see if it was done or not, and he could get charged if he just flat out blows it off.

The issue isn’t with returning the car so much as it would be should he need warranty work or his next service interval is hit and they see he skipped the previous one. They definitely won’t cover it then.

He should really call and ask them direct

Well looks like I’ll be dropping the car off tomorrow, wish me luck LOL
They say they are sanitizing everything and I will do the same when I get it back, I know the techs wear gloves when they work on the cars and they are probably itching to do some work

My car needs a service, also.

But the risk of interacting with Bob Bukie and his cousin, Weenie indirectly from them sneezing on my console? Hard pass.

I’ll deal with implied fallout later. Risk vs. reward. Everyone has a different tolerance.



I’m on the east coast and my close friend is a mechanic for Toyota here. The service is deemed essential so he still works full days. I asked him if he’s worried about getting in peoples cars and he said they do what they can.
The service guys wipe down all the handles, steering wheels etc. before he gets it and he wears gloves the whole time. It then gets another wiping when they’re finished.

Still subject to contamination but at least they’re doing their part. Hopefully all service departments are implementing safe practices.

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How do you know we haven’t hit peak yet? Are you the new Surgeon General? OP obviously had a reason why he was asking. For no reason you were being rude and patronizing.

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That was not my reply to OP. Stay on topic.

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We haven’t hit the peak yet. I’ll let you know when med students start tubing patients.

And as far as you know, I am the surgeon general.


Brought the car in at 10am, ran home, got a text that it was ready at 3pm. Pick up took ~5min if that.

When they brought it back there was protective plastic covering the steering wheel and seat.
Not worried about this and hopefully it is helpful for the folks working there to have work to do during this time.

Super straightforward and glad I got this taken care of.

Another happy customer