Magical Levers on a lease

Looking at a target deal I sent to a dealership, RV, base mF, sell price before rebates etc. Gave them the monthly with zero DAS and Monthly with tax/fees DAS.

Dealer countered with the exact same DAS but monthly $100 above what I sent.

I dont get how the DAS remained the same, but the monthly was bumped up. Did I miss a magical lease lever and do I need to go back into leasing university 101?

They either added in ‘add ons’ or changed the MF
You didn’t mention that they sent you a full sheet of the quote instead of just a number

Higher cap cost or higher MF. No magic here.

Wouldnt both incur a change in the taxes thus have a different DAS?

You can set the das to whatever you want. All comes down to what they decide to capitalize.


Yea, while you may have laid everything out in your offer, ultimately at the end of the day all the offer was was for $500/mo with $2k DAS. The dealer countered at $600/mo with $2k DAS.

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Thanks everyone, Ill revisit this when I get a deal sheet to see whats up.

3 card monte

Why do you need a deal sheet to counter? I would just offer DAS and monthly, it’s not like they don’t know how to move numbers around. At the end of the day it’s the total cost that matters and you already established a target with all relevant information.


Agreed, there is no point in over-analyzing this to try and figure out what the dealer did.

If the actual taxes came out slightly higher with their counter then they just rolled any overage into the monthly.

From a negotiation standpoint I’ve seen this countless times, once a dealer knows you’re willing to put down X amount then they just keep the X amount constant and adjust the payment up or down.

Just tell them how much down you want and monthly. They either have a higher MF or cap cost, pretty straightforward. Don’t go into dealership without getting the number you want.

Backed in 2021 I leased a 3 series by telling the salesman on email that I have loyalty, OL, and was willing to use max MSD. I offered DAS and monthly and the salesman ghosted me, two days later I got an email from the GM and agreed on a deal. While I was in finance signing the paper, I asked the finance guy if I could charge the MSD. He replied “what MSD”, the GM did not mentioned MSD to him and the finance guy was nice enough to re-do the contract. I know it’s an odd ball case but I saved hundreds by not talking all inputs of the calculator.

You seemed to understand only half the strategy of making offers.

The other half is knowing that when they don’t accept you move on.

Not haggling or wasting time in the weeds or “how did you get to this number” is precisely the point.



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