Mach E AWD Premium or Audi E-Tron Premium - Depreciation

Recently bought a 2022 Mach-E AWD Premium. Just found a great deal on a used 2022 E-Tron Premium that I can get for about a $5k difference. It’s a pretty base Premium with a $69k MSRP.

I got one of the super cheap E-Tron leases back in 2020 and I remember it driving pretty well (only had it for a few months). Interior is definitely nicer than the Mach-E.

Here’s the question. Over the next 1-2 years, which do you think will depreciate the least? Ford is raising the MSRP on the Mach-E but it will also be eligible (or partially eligible) for tax credits. Audi is also raising the price of the E-Tron but will not be eligible for tax credits for the foreseeable future. Thoughts?

The E-Tron has had poor reliability, so I believe it will depreciate more than a Mach E.

I enjoyed my eTron but think your better bet is with the Mach E. The 2024 is being redesigned with a 300+ mile range and it’s still an Audi in the end that will likely depreciate 50%+ in 3 years.

I also wouldn’t want to own that out of warranty especially with how buggy all the electronics were.

Good point on the 2024 E-Tron redesign. My Mach-E doesn’t have the extended range battery so it has the same range as the 2022 E-Tron.

I wouldn’t keep the car past warranty…I had major electrical problems on my 2021 E-Tron. Oddly enough, the used E-Tron has a longer remaining warranty (40 months left) than the new Mach-E (36 months).

This is true. :sunglasses:

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