M4 CSL $139k OMG

Crazy price but to be expected, anyone getting one?

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I just saw an ad for this car on Facebook.

The front reminds me of the mustached Pringles guy.

Hard pass. :slight_smile:

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Me :wink:


Guessing the high MSRP is to eat into the inevitable ADM

Can we get this in the US instead?


Short term flip…yes.

Long term hold…no. Last hardcore M4, the M4 GTS. Sold for $133k msrp and it is now $85k-90k in second hand market. Which is peanuts in this market. Before inflation and shortages, you get get low miliege GTS in $70k range.

These don’t hold their value like the Porsche GT models.


I said the same!
Lowest I ever saw was 65k! Insane car for the $

6 years and they will meet the US 25 year import rule.

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Genuine question, why does one side have a hole on the lower part of the bumper and other doesn’t?

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It’s for the intake. The other side is covered behind so no reason to put another hole there.

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Yeah, I read the title saw the car and immediately thought hard pass. What makes this car so special compared to a normal M4 that it’s worth double? You can literally buy a normal M4 and a 991 911 or Bronco or TRX or whatever other car you want. Or skip the M4 and just buy a 992 991S

Or an M5CS lol

That’s what happens when you give away its slightly slower counterpart away for a lease price below that of what a base 430i goes for now.

how many of these do you have?
1 2 3 4 5 Hand GIF by Yeremia Adicipta

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Oh I’m talking about those M4 CS cars that had like 10K in flagship money on them.

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im referring to allocations to the csl . im not trolling sorry if you thought i was

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I think this is mainly a brand enthusiast car.

I can also think of a couple of people I know who’d pay a premium to be among the first to have one, and then drive it for a few weekends over six months and then sell it and move onto something completely different.

This obviously isn’t a mass market car, and there are probably other niches I haven’t considered.

reminds me of darth vader, also you can’t get a Porsche GT3 for this money so…

Problem is only bmw fans will really know it’s a $140k car. I’d never have imagined it’s literally 2X the msrp of a base m3.

Sold our spot within an hour of it launching, color choice was Frozen Brooklyn Gray (other options are Black Sapphire or Alpine White). Carbon buckets standard with Michelin Pilot Cup 2 R tires.

I’m personally excited to see this one, my uncle has the 2017 BMW M4 GTS and I’ve driven it a few times, always fun.

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