M340i, S4, and G70 Purchase

Currently deciding between the above vehicles and want to know how much more I should ask for to make any of these a good deal. I’m using USAA discounts on these as well.

$63.5K MSRP
$57.5K Price

$65.3K MSRP
$61.7K Price

$51.8K MSRP
$49.3K Price

If any of the quotes include incentives, I would suggest separating them out from the discount.

Have you driven all of them? If yes, which one do you like best? Strangers on the internet can’t tell you what car to buy.

This is a leasing forum.

I don’t see a point in purchasing any of these. They all have garbage real world residual value. AFAIK the G70 has thousands in lease incentives.