M 340 x drive Lease

Hello guys i have a deal that I am negotiating and I wanted to know if this is a good deal.
This is a demo
Msrp: $57,232
Incentives and rebates: 1000
Money Factor:00158
Term: 36/10k
Sale Price: 53,998

Monthly payment: 654
It also has 1500 miles on it.

After adjusting for the marked up MF, you’re at about 4% pre-incentive discount. How does that compare to the other demo m340 deals your came across here while researching?


This is one on the worst M340i deals I hav ever seen on here. Please use the search function.


Im seeing people getting like 12-20% off

Well there you go. This is overpaying by at least $6000

If your eyesight is that bad, how are you going to drive a car?

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Thanks for your help…

…it’s the magnifying glass on top…

If OP is not too picky…


I knew it was a horrible deal but i had to double check cuz it just didnt make any sense to me.

Thanks i need awd though unfortunately.

The M340 pops up pretty frequently on LH and plenty of folks have asked for or provided advice. GLWT!

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Your best bet is always to determine what a good deal is before talking to a dealer. Then you have something to compare to.

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You need to search topics for this specific car. I don’t think people are getting 20% off for it. I got it 2 days back 11.5 off MSRP, if you are not picky about color combo/packages brokers here can help you get new with 10-11%

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Gotcha i will keep looking