Luxury SUV Lease Deals in the Washington, DC Area

Good Morning and thank you to everyone involved in making this web site great. Thanks to your help I was able to secure an excellent lease on an i3 last year and incentives made it extremely affordable.

My wife drives a 2010 RAV4 (roller skate) with a 6 year warranty. As you math geniuses probably already figured out, the warranty will be running out and it is a great time to sell the vehicle. In its place, she wants a luxury SUV. We do have two German Shepherds so it has to be an SUV – but it can be a MINI SUV. In fact, she would prefer the RAV4-sized vehicle over the Highlander. So in other words, we need a roller skate with bling.

We live in Silver Spring, MD. Thank you in advance to the gurus who put these amazing deals together. I blindly used to tell everyone, “I’ll NEVER lease a car!” because I have become quite good at negotiating the buy/sell side of it and had fun going to dealerships to rip them apart. With luxury vehicles, it’s a bit different and more civilized - but you gotta do what you gotta do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll post more later… but off the top of my head, Volvo XC60 and Lexus NX200t could be great leases.

I would love to see the numbers for those two models also. Thanks

For southern California…

Hmmm - Any strategies here? I am not hearing many options. Perhaps the timing isn’t right. I realize it’s tough to find a deal on a luxury vehicle but I found a great thread on the 2016 Mercedes GLC300 back in February.

We’re looking at these vehicles: Audi Q5, Mercedes GLC, and Lexus RX or Jaguar F-Pace.

You should consider BMW X3. I would stay away from the newcomers for the year, GLC and F-Pace. You can’t get a great deal on them. RX is pretty new model as well. If you want a great deal, go ahead with Q5 or X3.

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Just checking back in - No luck yet. Tough to find a “deal” on a luxury SUV. But here are the models I have narrowed it down to:

Audi Q5
Mercedes GLK4 Matic
Mercedes GLK350
Mercedes GLC
Lexus RX

Thoughts? Strategies? Experiences? Thank you.