Luxury cars, can't learn to love them

Does Lexus use real leather? Or it uses softex like Toyota?

The luxury package adds real leather.

So you do have a budget.

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I went from Accord → RX 2010 → Prius V 2016. Let me tell you

Felt out of place when I first got RX, was too lux for me, Felt that I didn’t deserve it :smiley: but then I got used to the RX and nicer features. Sold Lexus and started using prius V, oh boy do I miss my Lexus

Road noise, sound system, vents for 2nd row seats, ventilated seats, and AWD
Currently thinking about going to XC90, Telluride, MDX.

Unpopular opinion here but go test drive a tesla model x. I think you might like it.

I’ve never driven a Subaru and haven’t driven the current version of the Accord or 3-Series (I think the current-gen Camry is a shockingly good driver), but can people really not tell the difference btw a FWD and RWD setup almost any time they simply go the car along a curve?

I’m not saying that this diff is worth the cost, but there is a diff to me…

Which one of those are RWD?

You must have driven a bare bones X5 if you didn’t notice a difference in ride between that and any Subaru. When I drove a loaded X5 it was one of the most plush driving experiences this side of a Bentley Bentayga. Optioned out, the X5 is incredibly quiet, comfortable, and opulent.

My X5’s got top of the line leather, multi-contour seats with massage function, air suspension, double glazed windows for serene and quiet ride, and little touches like glass controls, heated/cooled cupholders, and a bunch of tech goodies that none of the non-luxury brands offer.

In addition to all that, the silky smooth turbo I-6 motor is a joy to drive. It’s one of the few times I can say that it feels every bit as luxurious as the $85k price suggests.


Which one of what?

3 series is RWD and accord is FWD

x5, xc60, Outback or q5.

They’re all awd… the x5 I know has a rwd bias (and is also offered in rwd only if you so choose).

  • curious if you wouldn’t mind naming a few of these? Genuinely curious.
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Little things like a comprehensive HUD, gesture controls (which I admit first looked like a total gimmick to me but now I absolutely love using), the driving assistant professional and parking assistant are quite advanced - not quite on Tesla’s level but not far behind - traffic jam assist for complete hands off driving, reversing assistant where the car automatically reverses the exact way you pulled forward (an absolute lifesaver in tight spaces), soft close doors, heated/cooled cupholders, ambient lighting, massaging seats, etc.

I’m sure there may be certain things that non-luxury brands begin to offer as well - that’s typically the case as things trickle down.

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thank you!

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I’ve always had Honda sedans. Most recently, I had a 2018 Accord before taking advantage of the positive equity and unloading it a year ago. It was a great car. Smooth driving, descent tech, etc. To replace it, I got my first “luxury” vehicle, a 2020 Volvo V90 CC. My personal opinion, I noticed a big difference. Interior quality is so much better. Everything is leather or soft touch, no rattles, car drives so much smoother, tech is better, etc. My Accord was front wheel drive. Even with the higher ground clearance and longer wheelbase, the Volvo still feels way more planted with the all wheel drive too.

Like others have stated, I think it comes down to personal preference. Everyone’s priorities and experiences are different.


I’m surprised you haven’t become an e-class type of guy.

I looked at the E-wagon but wasn’t for me (even when it leased well). I test drove the GLC350e - it was vile. The GLC300 isn’t bad, but when I realized I was going ICE again after 2 hybrids, the Volvo(s) won.

The gap between driving characteristics between luxury and non-luxury brands have closed in the past decade probably due to the improvements in manufacturing technology and capital availability becoming non issue to invest on those technologies. The most noticeable difference is when you switch to EV but most brands have offerings now .


You can’t tell the difference from your Subaru to a luxury brand car??

My 11 year old recently told me “Dad the BMW was much nicer than this Chevy”

If you can’t tell the difference in build quality and driving dynamics, then no reason to spend the extra cash.

Stick to Subaru’s and other non luxury brands