Lowest Lease Deal for SUV with ACC?

I do lots of highway driving each year and it takes a toll. I actually need a SUV so that I can lug things for work which I’ve discovered too big/tall for any car.

All other features are irrelevant really, although ACC seems to be a luxury convenience compounded with extra bells and whistles. Months and Mileage term no less than the minimum (which I guess is 10K/24). I just want the adaptive cruise control feature.

Vehicle will be registered in NJ. Anyone find a good deal for a SUV with ACC? TIA

Edited: TSS-P (“Toyota Safety Suite Plus” bundle of safety features) is standard on 2017 Highlander and RAV4, which includes Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC)

Every lexus RX350 has ACC (with full stop and go) standard on their 2017 models. Wife has it on her car and it’s awesome.

I know you can get a pretty base model for $42k or so, so potentially a payment under $400 easily.

Mazda CX9 only has it on the grand touring model.

BMW and Benz have to pay out the ass for similar features (over $7k in options).

Not sure about other non-lux models. Those were the ones I was looking at when I was shopping for my wife.

Forester with eyesight has ACC. I’m sure almost every brand has ACC as an option now.

Forester, RAV4 and Highlander probably your best bets. Check out NJ/NY pricing for Highlander at the bottom of this thread:

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Thanks all, I will focus on deals for the above recommended vehicles. If there are any more to add, feel free to add to the thread.