Lowering MF further from buy rate through MSDs

Hi guys,

I have a simple question I can’t find the answer to. Say dealer offers me his buy rate MF on a lease. Could I bring the MF lower still through MSDs or is that not going to happen?

Depends on the manufacturer. Not all offer MSD

Lexus, i know they do offer MSDs. In general though, can MSD be used to bring MF lower than say what you’d find listed on Edmund’s?

Should be able to. I work for Toyota and if the special rate is 0.0008 you can do up to 9MSD and lower it to 0.00008 for example.

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If the manufacturer allows so, then that is the entire point in general MBF for example lowers .00007 per MSD. Up to 10 total.

As long as Lexus allows it, you should be fine. You probably can’t lower the rate any lower than 0.00001, though. It should make no difference to the dealer. Find out how much Lexus lowers the rate per MSD, as some dealers don’t pass through the full amount.

Keep in mind, the person turning the car back in gets the MSD back (it doesnt matter that you paid the MSD originally).

So you are saying, well i would always turn it back in… Sure, but if you do a leaseswap or turn it in to another dealer when you are getting your next car and you arent thinking about it ahead of time, you could lose out on a large chunk of money.

Its best to transfer a lease on here with MSDs since people are more aware of what they are.

You ask the transferee for that up front so you are not out of anything :slight_smile:

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Agreed, but if you do 10 MSDs, its usually going to be quite a bit of money…