Lot Rot... How to handle?

After 3 months from initially test driving a 2019 Lexus ES 350 Luxury, I went back for another test drive with intentions of completing a deal. When I arrived they had the car started and waiting for me. I thought that was odd but the salesman told me that they had to jump-start the car. There were also leaves all over and under the windshield wipers. After starting on the drive by myself, I noticed an issue when breaking. There was a thudding pulsation that was either with the brakes or the tire had developed a flat spot but the issue was very noticeable. I had already checked prior to visiting the dealer that the car I had originally test-driven was still there. This was the same car. Carguru’s said the car had been there for 252 days but the Sales manager said it had only been there for 150 days. Of course, they didn’t seem to make a big deal of it and the issue got lost during the negotiations until I decided to do some research and found out this was more common than I thought and had a name. “Lot Rot”. The sales guy right before the EOB before the holiday break, texted and said how much they reduced the car and .all the other stuff to push me to take the deal. He said they would have the 'issues" checked out and I could drive it before I accepted the deal. It’s a great deal. So my question is has anyone had to deal with this as part of the negotiations? Such as asking for new tires and a new battery considering how long the vehicle has been parked. Using this as a bargaining tool to get the deal lower? Considering tires, brakes and most likely batteries aren’t covered under warranty, I am concerned about their reliability after having not been used and run down for so long. Is there any other items I should consider having checked. before accepting? Like an oil change and or other filters changed? What is reasonable in this situation? I realize that this does need to be addressed and I intend to ask for new items but the deal is so low they may decline and of course, I may walk away from the deal. I appreciate any feedback or guidance. Thanks

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