Looking to purchase Audi E-Tron GT

Looking to purchase/finance new 2023 Audi E-tron GT in Long Beach, CA 90815. Currently Audi is offering $12,500 discount and that is all the dealer is offering. Any ideas on how I can get this down further? MSRP on the car is $117,240.

See the other post that includes how to structure. You’ll want to lease unless you like lighting money on fire.


Thanks will search. I do want to purchase as it’s meant to be a longer term keep and I need the miles.

I haven’t researched this at all so I don’t know the answer, but make sure battery capacity won’t significantly reduce as the car gets up in years. The range isn’t exactly stellar to begin with and cold weather + an old battery could be a borderline unsustainable combination.

Only 25 cents a mile overage. It you want to buy consider picking up a used my22. If you want a new one at least lease then buy.

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There are plenty of Etron GT posts recently.

Everyone gets the $12,500 this month. There’s also an extra $7500 for leasing. That should be your minimum expectation.

You have to run the math to see if it is worth it to lease and then potentially buy out. If the cost of ownership are roughly the same, then leasing might be better in case you change your mind and etc.

I’ll hook you up on Monday

Do Not do ANYTHING till you call me


hopefully you called Sam! He’s great to work with!


Lease it, trust me you’ll thank us all. EQS I financed is worth $65K less now in 30000 miles and a year and half later with benz dumping them and people are leasing them them now for $400-600 lol.

With the exception of the Taycan or Tesla, these expensive EV’s seem to not be holding value.

Hi Sam… interested in an E-tron GT… looking for lowest payments on a lease… what are you numbers like? ZIP 32803

FWIW, Sam is in CA. I doubt he does out of state deals.

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They do drop hard but your driving 20k miles a year and those low payments you mentioned are for 7500 mpy leases which was the sweet spot.

Call him. Xxxx

It wouldn’t be cost effective to lease a car from me . Shipping costs will offset your savings

@Samaudibh - would you lease and ship to Oregon?

i ship anywhere for the right price :slight_smile:

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Best way to select a car is to go to your website and email you?

Is this a new policy?

I’ve been wanting to refer a few out of state people to you but thought this was not the case

@Samaudibh you will sell out of state? :scream:

I’ve always sold out of state . For the right gross profit . Which means no LH deals :grinning: