Looking to lease something under $200 a month with first payment down

I’m looking to lease a decent vehicle for under 200 a month with only first month’s payment down.

I’m located in Texas. Could anyone give me some vehicles they know are easy to get under that price and I will start researching them.


2016 Malibu LS and Cruze LS/Base LT would be candidates.

Check this thread to start off: Best Manufacturers to Lease?

You could easily get a base Jetta for under $200, or a higher trim with a bit of work.

i am pretty happy with my scion iA. i chose it because it gets 43mpg’s highway. it also has quite a few standard features, since the best deals are always base models. you get the option to add GPS on ebay for under $200 which you can sell back to ebay at lease end.