Looking to Lease either '16 Infiniti QX60 or '17 Hyundia Santa Fe Ultimate


location: Southern California, San Bernardino area

looking for: 36 month lease, 12k mi/year, fully loaded, must have 3rd row seating,

I’m looking for the best deal on either 2016 INFINITI QX60 with PREM, PREM +, THEATRE AND DRIVE ASSIST OR DELUXE THEATRE PKG. ( 4 pkgs total minimum)

OR 2017 HYUNDIA SANTA FE ULTIMATE LIMITED ( fully loaded, all features hyundai has)

I plan to go visit dealers this weekend and wanted to know if anyone has any lease numbers for me to look at before I’m BS’d by the sales people lol

Thanks in advance!

It’s recommended to gather all of the leasing information first and then calculate your target lease price, instead of just walking into a showroom and asking for a quote.

You’ll need the finance company’s set residual value and money factor for each car. If you don’t get a response here, check the edmunds forums.

Ah, that makes sense. I’m kind of a newbie at leasing, so bare with me.

You say to gather all leasing information and calculate my target lease price - how do i do this? Is there an article I can read to help me do this ?

I mean the residual value and money factor for the cars and lease term you mentioned.

Either wait for the owners of this site to reply with the info or check the edmunds forums. They have a section for every make and model and the mods can also tell you the current residual and money factor.

2016 QX60 FWD
36/12K: 56% residual, .00064 MF
No publicly advertised incentives, but likely lots of manufacturer-to-dealer cash

2017 Santa Fe Limited Ultimate FWD
36/12K: 57% residual, .00050 MF
All: $500 lease cash
Targeted incentives: $750 Non-Hyundai Owner, $750 Hyundai Loyalty, $500 BoostUp, $500 Military, $400 Grad

Identify a target selling price and then plug these numbers into Leasehackr Calculator to estimate how much you should pay: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

You can use sites like Edmunds or TrueCar to identify the average transaction price and then identify a target selling price from there.

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thanks so much - I will begin plugging away and doing more research on these numbers. Will update in a few days. Thanks!

I got this quote from a dealer - what do you think ?

$1,000 total down with 12,000 miles a year.

2017 QX60 with ALL packages, FWD.

Msrp $58,460
Discount 9.34% at $5,460
Selling price $53,000
Residual .61% at $35,660.60
Money factor before deposits 0.00183
Security deposit $5,850 at $650 each
Base payment $583.88
Tax $52.55
Payment $636.43

How can I make this deal better?

Get a 2016? The money factor on the 2017 is crazy high and there are no incentives right now since it’s brand new.

Haha - I would, but I can’t find a 2016 with the color/options I want & 2017 has a couple new features that we liked