Looking to lease a toyota tacoma

@Cody_Carter is the man to talk to for any TOYOTA.

Cody is in CA. He won’t really be able to do anything in FL.


That’s one hell of a deal id definitely pick that up aswell.

Is paying <$300 with 0 down for a cement TRD Sport unreasonable? 36/12

Dont see it being a problem

Check @Jrouleau426 post for his May deals. He has a very details info on what can be done in PA.
May Toyota deals

There is info on all trims for Tacoma and you can see what’s reasonable.

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Some guys on Toyota Tacoma forum are receiving a solid 10%off. Use that, find out what the MF/RV and go from there. Request to pay first month and bank fees with MSD (I think you can do up to 9).

Please check the first post in this string

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Looks like they are using Southeast Toyota Financial (World Omni). I am in the same region and was able to get a great deal on an Off-Road. You can verify the MF and residual with Edmunds as they may differ from what the rest country gets, but they are probably correct. The main issue here seems to be the price. I was able to get around 10% off of an incoming truck without too much trouble. Luckily, it is pretty easy to get price quotes via e-mail and then you can just work with the ones that seem to have a decent discount and are easy to work with. No need to go in person. Once you get the price where you want, the rest of the numbers should fall in line.

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Does this seem like a pretty fair deal? .00195 MF & 76% RV

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sorry about that!

I’d walk on no discount 2WD. How many months and security deposits?

36/12 and no security deposits

The deal in the calculator looks good to me.

If you want 4x4. I can have you in the taco sport with msds and tax/tags included for $250/mo. Nothing else down besides the msds

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Try to structure for 24 months and think of you are open on MSD.
It looks like that’s where the good spot to be in 24 months with MSD.

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Msds give you a 20-30% annual return on your investment. It’s an incredible tool with these Toyota leases


Im in NY and after a 4x4 Taco. 24 months/10K per year. Happy to do MSD’s as required, ideally nil down. Are you able to broker anything useful in NY?

You cannot do MSDs if you are in NY, independent of where you get a Tacoma.