Looking to Lease 2019 Infiniti QX60 PURE AWD - Am I being unreasonable?

I’m looking for a 12k/39mo lease on the 2019 Infiniti QX60 PURE AWD. MSRP is $47,270. I have a 2016 Nissan Rogue SV lease ending in June. Best quote I was given a quote of $319/mo with $2500 due at signing with $1,500 VPP (includes all taxes and fees, no MSD).

I’m looking for monthly payments around $290/mo with $2,000 due at signing, no MSD. I’m told I’m being irrational. I know March is Infiniti’s year end and there may be additional incentives.


There are literally 10+ recent threads on the QX60… did you search the forum? One of the “best” leases available right now and available as low as $275/month (with MSDs)

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I did. And that’s why I feel like the deal is out there. I just don’t want to pay MSDs. I’ve literally reached out to every dealer in a 2 hour radius. I show them these deals and they all say the same thing… “None of those deals are real. Something’s missing.”

Obviously I realize they’re trying to bad mouth what they can’t compete with. Just wanted some reassurance to stick to my guns.

Where are you located? It’s not surprising that dealers are laughing at you as it’s extremely aggressive. May be worth hiring a broker as they could potentially get a better deal than you can walking into a dealer as odd as that sounds.

MSDs are a no-brainer with Infiniti. You save so much money doing them. And you searched a whole 2 mile radius? :laughing:


@Jon haha 2 hour radius** lol

I know it lowers my payments… But I’m just looking to put up as little as possible

Then why do $2000 down? If you’re going to put money down use it towards MSD’s, not cap cost reduction or fees.

Interest is so low anyway that I don’t feel like MSDs are worth it

It is false to say that “interest is so low that MSDs aren’t worth it”. Reducing the interest rate by a fixed amount helps you the same whether the lease has a high or low base interest rate. The MSDs will save you the same amount of money either way. The capitalized cost and the residual are the only things that affect the benefit of MSDs.

The only time MSDs won’t help is if the interest rate was so close to zero that the MSDs would take it below zero. Negative interest rates are not allowed. Also some manufacturers impose a fixed limit for how low they will allow the MF to go. Then they might limit the number of MSDs you are allowed to use.

“March is Infiniti’s year end”
I thought of waiting till end of September to get QX60.
Do I have to hurry up and get one before end of this month?

Forum members,
Please advice.


If you don’t need the lease now, I doubt your deal in March would save you 6 payments between now and September. At some point, they’ll be looking to start clearing out 2019’s for 2020’s. We don’t know what the incentives, MF, and Residuals will be in April, let alone September.

Thank you!

From a dealership’s perspective if you are being told no by multiple dealerships when you are a ready and willing customer then it is unreasonable. A dealership doesn’t make a deal unless there is some benefit on their behalf.

Customers usually think the end of the month, quarter, fiscal year, etc. is the best time to buy. This is when a dealership has the most customers and get to choose who they want to work with.

Who is this and what happened to the OG @HondaSoCal? The OG @HondaSoCal would never have posted this useful post with no silly commentary.


What you call unreasonable, someone else calls aggressive (but doable). Just have to find that one.

Correct. But sometimes it is a timing issue, too - it may be an aggressive deal but only doable when Mercury is in retrograde and Saturn is in it’s third house.

If I contact 3-4 dealers in my area, including some known for being aggressive and don’t get anywhere, I absolutely take a step back and re-evaluate whether my timing is off or I’m missing something in my offer. Doesn’t mean I stop, just means I take a beat to reassess.

It’s good to reassess as you go along, but my initial expectation is that it could take 10 dealers to find the one.

Totally - may depend on your area though, the brand etc.

I am getting soft.