Looking to lease 2 cars at same time - Need advice on where to get best deal

Hey guys

I am looking to lease a car for the first time with my business partner. So we will be leasing 2 cars at the same time to be able to negotiate a better deal with the dealership.

We are looking to stay between $300-$450/month. We need to do a minimum of 15k miles since we currently drive between that and 20k miles a year on our cars.

Where have you seen the best deals from car manufacturers where I would be able to leverage leasing 2 cars from them at the same time?

Some possibilities we are looking at:

Jaguar F-Pace (their advertised offers start at $499/mo so not sure if we can make this one work)

Of course, would be open to other suggestions. Thanks

Jaguar or Range rover would not work they have strict mileage limits and expensive overrages. Highlander xle comes to mind as a good lease for mileage

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Go for a Mercedes Benz sedan- their sales prices are extremely flexible when you got 2 people. Plus- their lease programs are better than most.

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So I visited Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, and Audi dealerships today.

Evoque is out of the question as it does not fit my budget.

Here is my price for a 2016 C300 that I got.

Residual 57%
MF .00073

$530/mo - 15k miles
$580/mo - 18k miles

The manager brought it down to $450/mo but we didnt make a final decision yet. I’m pretty sure we can bring it down even further to $400/mo and get 18k miles

Also putting down 7 MSDs @ $3850 total

Also here is the price for the Audi A4 2017 Quattro

Residual 55%
MF .00061

18k miles $3785 due at signing
430/mo 36 months

First time leasing and learning about all this Residual and MF so pretty proud of what I did first day :slight_smile:

Going today to BMW to see what they have in 2016 models to see what kinda deal we can get there.

Your thoughts…

Mind me asking where are you located?

New Jersey

The Audi drove good.

Mercedes C300 was even amazing but after selecting on that car, the manager surprised us by saying that the price is gonna be $575.

We were thinking to get it in the low 400s but that didnt happen.

Looks like we are gonna go with the Audi A4 which is coming at $430/month.

Talk to user loberant on this board @loberant. @loberant has killer deals

Test driving the Jaguar XE tomorrow to see how that rides and what we can do as a monthly payment on that one.

I know you posted a while ago, did you end up with benz or bmw, I am in the market for 2 leases and debating between the two. Thank you

Ending up getting the C300 with 18k miles. Payment is $500/month. Out of pocket at the signing table was $5000. 3 year lease.

Actually I’m looking to have someone take over my lease if I can find someone. Want to get my down payment I made back as well. Getting a bigger car.

You want to unload your 2016 C300 at $500/month (tax included?) + get your $5,000 back?

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Looks like you gonna be trapped with those for 3 years bud

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Yes that’s correct. Or anything close to $5000

Trying to cover the payments with Turo and other services