Looking to buy my 2018 BMW 340 lease

I’m looking to buy my 2018 BMW 340i lease because the market is so chaotic right now, I can’t find anything below MSRP. I was originally hoping to get a deal on a 2021 BMW X3 M40i, but no deals exist on these cars right now.

As far as buying my lease…am I stuck with the lease-end price or can I negotiate a lower buyout? This is the first time I’m looking to purchase a lease, so I’m not sure what I should look out for.

You signed a contract agreeing upon the lease-end value. Given that used car values have skyrocketed, why would they offer you a discount?


That’s a good point. I just wanted to make sure I’m not missing anything along the process. How about the extended warranties or service packages? Any experience on negotiating those?

The dealers typically mark them up above the cost from the manufacturer. See if you can buy one from a dealer on Bimmerfest.

When’s your lease ending? Only time we’ve heard of BMWFS offering lower buyouts was last year, and they were all unsolicited. If you didn’t get an offer within 60-90 days of your lease ending, it isn’t going to happen (especially now).

Call around, probably need to work with a F&I manager.

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My lease ended last month. I got a 2-month extension…so one more month left.

Yeah, BMWFS will not negotiate

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Since you are in Socal, may want to reach out to @BMW_Dave and see what his F&I person is asking on any of those products at the moment.

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Aram, when you go “directly” through BMW FS, it’s not actually direct and they also don’t do anything regarding DMV so you’re stuck dealing with that lovely organization and paying for it out of pocket versus wrapping it into your loan.

You’re better off going through an Authorized BMW dealership and I can help you get it done completely remote. Everything is done via DocuSign and overnight FedEx. We don’t need to see your car and you don’t need to come in. I did 7 lease buyouts last month alone. It seems to be the way to go right now.

Just email me directly if you’d like a financing quote.

Dave Townsend | BMW of Murrieta


That is awesome! Can we make this its own post? :hugs:

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Good idea. Would that be something I post in Marketplace or Off Topic?

Dave, does your dealership charge any transaction fees/other charges for facilitating the buy out?

Sorry didn’t mean to post that on this thread.

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