Looking for velar or jaguar F-pace lease 36/15

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Is there a secret in getting a deal out of Range Rover dealers? I leased several vehicles from Subaru, Lexus and BMW and was always able to negotiate with several dealerships and come to close great deals. I’m not able to get even bad deal, all I’m getting is sucker deals. Yesterday Land Rover announcement came out that 4500 workers are being laid off in Britain and production might be limited to 3 days a week. In the meantime, dealers in Tristate are giving me these crazy high numbers…
Any advice or dealer recommendations.

If you’re willing to come to Boston, my deals have been known to be so-so, which far exceed sucker deals :slight_smile:

Definitely, it all depends on the deal. My current lease ends at the end of June, but before deciding on the next car I started exploring my options.

My understanding is that LR currently offers a pull ahead, at least they did last month. @Bostoncarconcierge is the guy to talk to on this forum for LR deals

The secret for LR dealers who don’t want to play ball is the $500 increment. Find a dealer who is a solid drive away, ask for a 2.5K discount and standard MF. They’ll probably agree to that in writing. Find the next dealer slightly closer and see if they are willing to earn your business because “you prefer to do business locally and support the local community” and make it work your while by beating their price by $500 to make it worth your while. Rinse and repeat. Then find whatever SE-R Dynamic you want in white or black or grey and have the dealer match the offer you have. Usually you should be able to get 3.5-4k off sticker. What makes the lease good or bad is the MF and incentives which change month by month. When I signed mine, I had 3k in conquest and 1k in autoshow PIN with a 3.5k discount in march of 2018. In general they are much more likely to play ball and give you a good deal with the F-pace but you can definitely tell the difference between the two despite being on the same platform. For a 65k ish Velar you should be looking for low to mid 700s with 1k in drive offs.

Thank you Muwa, great info , Greatly appreciate it.