Looking for some advise on an iX lease


Hey all! Used to be more active here following deals but…way out of the game and rusty. Currently helping a friend who’s in the market for a new EV and is strongly considering the iX. This is the first quote we got, no CCR, max MSDs, but….it sucks i know. Anything we should be pushing for besides getting rid of the $1k in add-ons and a bigger discount? What should we be targeting? Im thinking 10%+ off? In MN, no loyalty, 36/7.5….

Accounting for the add-ons, that’s a measly 3.6% off MSRP.

I’d suggest building a target deal for that vehicle, based on the common discount off MSRP you see here (as posted on Marketplace, SIGNED!, etc.) and the incentives your friend qualifies for (e.g., there’s $1,000 Conquest).

There are only three BMW dealerships in MN, so if the dealer is not budging because they can sell the car to someone else without discounting further, it may be worthwhile to expand your search to out-of-state. Have you checked the Marketplace for Midwest BMW sellers?

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Yea, i looked around and i think a fair goal would be 10% off MSRP? I’ve seen some broakers offering a flat 11% off as well… plus this months incentive which is the 9900. Unfortunately she doesnt qualify for loyalty.

I can set you up with 9-10% off from a dealer in the Chicago metro area if you’d like assistance. My email is scott@insightautoconsulting.com

If not, 9% would be a good minimum discount to shoot for locally.

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Thx! will reach out!