Looking for leasing advise for a 2019 BMW X5

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Hey everyone,

So I am new to this forum since I only been here for 2 months and I have learned a lot about leasing from you guys. So with all that I have learned, I have taken the knowledge to a local dealer to see how much “hacking” I can do on my own. Here are the results I have and I would appreciate any and all input.

Thanks in advance!

MSRP $81,170
Sale price: $73,790
Taxes NY: $3364 8.875%
MV fees: $319
doc fees: $499
bank fee: $925
payment: $895
MF: .00145
residual: 59%

Total out of pocket $6003
Monthly: $895

There is much work to be done here.

Hack away!!

Are there no rebates or are they baked into the price? I’m guessing you should be around 10% discount before rebates.