Looking for Lease Subaru Wilderness model (forester or outback) or any other similar SUV

Looking for a lease - Subaru wilderness model (forester or outback), or open for other SUV model- any pointers…
Got a quote on the 2023 Subaru forester wilderness model - any guidance/best price point on this lease/negotiation points

Lease Term / Miles Per Year 36 Months / 10,000/36 Months
$3,500 $555
Selling Price $37,765.00
Government Fee $694.75
Proc/Doc Fee $200.00
Starlink Safety & Security Plus $99.95
Acq. Fee $595.00
Residual Value $23,791.95

Look into obtaining VIP pricing

Check the Marketplace here, some Subaru brokers were offering at-or-under VIP pricing in December

This is not required (the basic Starlink is free for 3 years), I paid $75 for this upgrade in July and probably would not do it again.

Basic leasing 101: get the residual and MF and calculate what it should cost.

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Thank you so much

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Nissan murano or pathfinders are on suoer sale right now

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Getting a quote on the 2023 Subaru forester wilderness model
(1) Lease / 10,000/36 Months
$3,500 $555/month residual 23,790, MoneyFactor : 0.00239
(2) Buy : 885/month, 3.9%, 4 years, 3500 down payment

Is the buy option or lease better here.
Or is it high price point for both and room for further negotiation
looking at the current market and interest rate.
Any guidance.
Thank you

Lease Apr 5.74 + acquisition fee vs 3.9 finance but full tax

How long you plan on keeping it ?

If you finance using one of the CU from @HersheySweet you can get a longer term and bring the monthly payment down

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Did you get the programs from Edmunds or Rate Finder first? I’m seeing .00189 - no special financing as you have discovered

Thank you for the quick reply. I will check on edmunds, I haven’t checked

I’m planning on keeping for 2 to 3 years.