Looking for JEEP GC ALTITUDE. Lease

Hello Forum

Found a deal un the GC Altitude in South FL.
MSRP 38.930
only inceptions, 36m, 10K.
380$ tax incl.
I’ve seen going for 309$ 329$ just not on FL.

Best IB

Selling price? MF? What’s the inception $ amount?

I don’t have the MF.
Inceptions 1006$

You can get a Limited or Trailhawk for that. My understanding - somebody correct me - is that the Altitude does not lease well. It’s the Limited you want for the sweetheart deal.

I don’t get the hype for GC, I currently have a ‘16 GC Limited 75th Anniv and honestly I think it’s a huge piece of overrated garbage. I had a ‘15 Explorer Sport before that and it destroyed the GC in every way. The GC is not comfortable, doesnt drive well,sluggish, navigation is terrible, and I can’t wait to get rid of it. Personally I would test drive some other SUVs.

Its a Jeep thing, and people buy into the idea that Jeeps are more Prestigious/capable/trendy than the Explorer. No offense to OP.

Man i think the GC is a great SUV and love the infotainment system. Rides smooth. My only issue is the seat leather has formed creasing within a month. We had a 2014 limited and had no issues at all. Now have a 16 and a 17 and have some quircks but i have had mercedes and they had their issues too, expensive ones at that.

What are you comparing it to though? I’m comparing it to Explorers that I had before and they were much better overall.

I have had the explorer as well for a two week rental. Good truck but still feel Jeep was better. Again, maybe i am biased, just my opinion.