Looking for help 2024 Mazda CX90 PHEV

This is in Nevada.

I’m looking to buy a new CX90 PHEV. The dealership says that there is a $7500 incentive to lease the vehicle. Is it possible to sign a lease and then purchase the vehicle immediately thereafter to take advantage of the incentive? Also, I’m hoping to trade my car in towards the purchase price (worth approximately $14k). Is that possible to do with this type of lease and immediate buyout arrangement? Thanks.

yes you can do this

If you aren’t getting at least $3000 off, sign up for SCCA and get the S Plan discount.

Planning to end up leasing this but just negotiating price right now.

MSRP: $51320
Discount: -$4003
Price: $47,317
Tax + Registration: $4555
OTD Price: $51,872

For the lease I’m planning to trade in a car worth about $14k. Is that a bad idea? I’m hearing don’t put money towards leases. If it makes a difference, I plan to buy the car out immediately.

That’s on a traditional lease. If you are buying it out right away, I don’t see a problem with it.

But are they the highest bidder? In CA if you have no tax breaks for trading don’t trade in unless they are the highest bidder.

Check these links

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Is that 4300 including the $7500 rebate making it 11800 total?

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$4003 discount without the lease credit

Do I not get a sales tax break if I trade in California? I live in Nevada so thats where I will end up registering.

I don’t believe Nevada gives any sales tax breaks for trading in on a lease either.

Just note that if you buy in CA and drive it to Nevada, you just paid a year of CA registration which can be up to $1000.

Interesting. They told me that I could do a one-way trip permit for $115 instead of registering in CA. Is that not true?

Make sure on the paperwork that you don’t have full CA registration. Sometimes a dealer slips in full regs unless it is shipped

I do see something called a 1 trip permit $27, but it comes with CA sales tax.

But the $7500 is included somewhere in their deal, correct?

Yes $7500 will be when I tell them I want to lease. Figured it was easier to negotiate first as a finance deal so they didn’t try to wrap in the $7500 to my savings.

What if they are including finance rebates in your quote?

Leasing deals are structured differently than finance deals, you might even get rejected by the dealer for doing this. Example many TX brokers here will sell to a CA, but will not lease to a CA

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I told them cash and they didn’t mention any rebates built in

I used to think similarly, but reading the forum has convinced me that it’s not (for the reasons mentioned in the posts above).

It probably unnecessarily complicates things.

You are just better off making offers for your target lease structure instead.

Hurts your credibility to be perceived as someone who is either indecisive or trying to pull some kinda switcheroo. Don’t ask me to define what exactly the switch you would be trying to pull off: that’s not the point. It’s the perception.

And it hurts your ability to get a quick deal done. Most sellers pick between (A) quick and high volume or (B) slow and high margin. Which camp do you want to be in?

Problem is honestly I don’t know much about lease structure. Was hoping if I worked out the actual price point that would make the lease part easier.